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  • Our members will enjoy iconic locations, vibrant history and culture and the opportunity to add a wide range of impressive optional excursions!

Your Destinations


One of the world’s most cutting-edge capitals, Tokyo is a city of contrasts. Famous for its modernity, neon-lit landscape and towering skyscrapers, it is also home to sprawling parkland, peaceful shrines and temples and lovingly tended gardens.

Despite its love affair with manga pop culture, fashion, high-tech trends and conspicuous consumption, below the surface is a city that has its roots in ancient heritage. Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples stand close to skyscrapers as a reminder of a more contemplative time and at the heart of the hyperactive centre lies the serene Imperial Palace, the home of the ruling emperor that provides a tangible link to the city’s historical past. 

Behind the shopping, entertainment and commercial emporia can be found quaint wooden houses, private gardens with meticulously clipped bonsai trees and the Zen-like calm of the Hamarikyu Gardens. Discover the fascinating and exquisite culture of Japan where the ancient and modern worlds collide. The city’s reputation as a mega-expensive metropolis is ill-conceived and visitors can take advantage of inexpensive izakaya bars and neighbourhood cafes that serve delicious noodles and rice dishes. 


South of Mount Fuji and West of Tokyo you will find a tranquil spot where the imposing slopes of Mount Fuji meet a glistening lake. A red torii, a traditional Japanese gate frames the entrance to this heavenly spot where it is easy to slow down and forget the stresses of everyday life. And, at the heart of this majestic site is the snow-capped peak of Mount Fuji as it juts into the sky.


If you're looking for old Japan, Kyoto is a must: tranquil gardens, sublime temples and colourful shrines can be found in abundance. While the rest of Japan has embraced modernity, Kyoto still keeps traditions alive. Take a stroll through the Nishijin district and spy some of the older residents emerging from the machiya (traditional townhouses) to ladle water onto their porch.  If you go by an old shōtengai (shopping street) you can admire the ancient speciality shops: tofu sellers, fishmongers, pickle vendors and tea merchants.


Spend some time exploring ukkei-en garden, with 200 yoshino cherry trees, mountain cherry trees and weeping cherry trees that blossom in the spring! The Memorial Peace Park & Museum is definitely worth a visit too.


Okayama is the largest city in the Chugoku Region right after Hiroshima. It has its own charm and, like Matsumoto, is known for the 16th-century Okayama Castle with its intriguing black exterior. As well as being an important transportation hub, the city is also home to stunning natural places including the expansive Korakuen Garden, which is popular with locals and tourists alike. 

Our Optional Offers

8-Night Under the Rising Sun Japan Tour in 3* or 4* Hotels

11-Night Under the Rising Sun Japan Tour in 3* or 4* Hotels

14-Night Under the Rising Sun Japan Tour in 3* or 4* Hotels

Your Itineraries In Brief

8 nights / 10 days
Day 1: Europe - Tokyo (Inbound flight)
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Tokyo
Day 4: Hakone - Mont Fuji
Day 5: Kyoto
Day 6: Kyoto
Day 7: Hiroshima
Day 8: Hiroshima
Day 9: Tokyo
Day 10: Tokyo - Europe (Outbound flight)

11 nights / 13 Days
Day 1: Europe - Tokyo (Inbound flight)
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3 : Tokyo
Day 4: Tokyo
Day 5: Hakone - Mont Fuji
Day 6: Kyoto
Day 7: Kyoto
Day 8: Kyoto
Day 9: Okayama
Day 10: Hiroshima
Day 11: Hiroshima
Day 12: Tokyo
Day 13: Tokyo - Europe (Outbound flight)

14 nights / 16 Days:
Day 1: Europe - Tokyo (Inbound flight)
Day 2: Tokyo
Day 3: Tokyo
Day 4: Tokyo
Day 5: Hakone - Mount Fuji
Day 6: Kyoto
Day 7: Kyoto
Day 8: Kyoto
Day 9: Kyoto
Day 10: Okayama
Day 11: Okayama
Day 12: Hiroshima
Day 13: Hiroshima
Day 14: Tokyo
Day 15: Tokyo
Day 16: Tokyo - Europe (Outbound flight)

Your Itineraries

During their tour, our members will follow the itinerary as seen below.

Please Note: 
The following itinerary is based on a 8-night tour. As seen above in the 'itineraries in brief', when opting for a 11-night tour, members will enjoy an additional night in Tokyo and an additional night in Kyoto. When opting for the 14-night tour, guests will enjoy 1 extra night in Tokyo, 1 extra night in Kyoto and 1 extra night in Okayama. 

Important Information: 20 days before departure, you will receive a complete travel pack with:
A mini travel guide

Your Japan Rail Pass 
Airport shuttle tickets 
Maps of Tokyo and Kyoto 
Tourist brochures for the cities featured in the tour

        Your Japan Rail Pass

        Limousine Bus vouchers (Airport shuttles)

        Japan map with train schedules

        Maps of Tokyo and Kyoto

        Tourist brochures for the cities featured in the tour

Day 1: UK - Tokyo
Flight from Europe to Tokyo (Narita airport).

Day 2: Arrival in Tokyo
Arrive in Tokyo at Narita airport. Transfer to your hotel by yourself using the Limousine Bus (included). Limousine bus is a shared shuttle going from airports to bus stops in Tokyo. The limousine bus stops are located either in front of your hotel or less than 15 minutes walk away. You will also have the option to be welcomed by one of our guides, who can help you transfer to the hotel.
Overnight at hotel in Tokyo.

Days 3: Tokyo
Enjoy free time to explore Tokyo. You can also enjoy a guided day in Tokyo (see options).
Our suggestions include:
Asakusa district and Senso-ji temple
The Tokyo Skytree, 634 metres high, and Tokyo Tower, the symbol of the city
Ueno Park with its many museums
Shibuya and Shinjuku districts
The Imperial Palace Garden
Meiji-jingu Shrine

Possible day trips from Tokyo may include: 
● Nikko, with its temples and shrines in the heart of the forest. Trains to Nikko are covered by the                   JR Pass. (2 hours)
● Kamakura and the Great Buddha (Daibutsu). The train to Kamakura is covered by the JR Pass. (1                 hour) 
Overnight at hotel in Tokyo.
Day 4: Tokyo - Hakone - Mount Fuji
Transfer to Tokyo Station by subway (not included). Enjoy a train journey from Tokyo to Odawara by Shinkansen (fast train) (45 minutes), from where you can reach Hakone - Mount Fuji (extra 15 minutes, not covered by JR Pass: 2,5€). Here, you'll enjoy free time and a night with dinner in a traditional ryokan.

Our suggestions include:

● Gora-koen Park
Chokoku-no-mori open-air musueum
Hakone & Narukawa museum of fine arts
and of course, Mount Fuji from Ashi-no-ko lake, with nice sidewalks
Overnight at hotel in Hakone.

Day 5 & 6: Kyoto
Journey to Kyoto by Shinkansen, included in JR pass. Here, you will enjoy free days for you to explore Kyoto.
Choose to add on an evening tour in Kyoto's Geishas district (around 1h30) where you will enjoy walking with a guide in this amazing historical area at night (from 7pm to 8.30pm). You can also enjoy a guided day in Kyoto or a traditional tea ceremony (see options).

Our suggestions include:

Ryoanji Temple, a famous rock garden.
Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) and Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion)
The Gion district and the Philosopher’s Path
The Kiyomizu-dera
Nishiki Market, where you can find typical food from Kyoto
Nijo Castle and its nightingale floors
Arashiyama’s bamboo groves

Day trip suggestions from Kyoto:
● Nara. Trip covered by the Japan Rail Pass (30 to 45 minutes) , with Fushimi-Inari Taisha shrine                 and its thousands of vermilion torii gates on your way back from Nara. Trip covered by the Japan                  Rail Pass (5 minutes) 
● Hiroshima & Miyajima (1h45 from Kyoto, included in your Japan Rail Pass) 
Overnight at hotel in Kyoto.
Day 7-8 Hiroshima & Miyajima 
Direct shinkansen journey to Hiroshima (included, approx 2 hours). Check into your hotel. Free visit of Hiroshima and its region. Known because of the nuclear bombings of August 6, 1945, Hiroshima was able to impose its faith in the future and became a symbol of peace.

Our suggestions:
- The Peace Memorial Park and its museum
- Ikari-jinja sanctuary
- Sukkei-en garden

For Miyajima:
Excursion from Hiroshima (train and ferry included in the Japan Rail Pass, about 30 km, 45 minutes):
Miyajima Sanctuary Island.
- Itsukushima-jinja sanctuary and its Ootorii. Note that the Miyajima large torii is under
renovation until August 2020, but this natural island has many other wonders.
- Momijidani Park, the Maple Valley
- Daishô-in temple
- The Treasure Pavilion, Homotsukan
- The five-storey pagoda Gojû-no-tô
- Egami House
- View of the bay from Mount Misen, Shishi-no-iwa

Day 12 or 13: Takayama - Japanese Alps

Breakfast in your hotel in Kanazawa.

Transfer to Kanazawa station (not included). Express trains from Kanazawa to Takayama included with the JR Pass (2h30).

Takayama is famous for being an area most skilled in woodwork. Though this small town is surrounded by mountains, it did not stop it from spreading its reputation. During the Edo Period Takayama was controlled by the shogun, whom of which managed to generate fortune for the city. Currently in the heart of Takayama is a preserved merchant street that continues to sell its beautiful crafts.

Inside this small village is a blossoming culture and gorgeous views to see. It will definitely surprise and charm you once you visit. 

Our Suggestions in Takayama:

        The Sanmachi-suji district

        The Kokubun-ji temple

        The houses of Yoshijima and Kusakabe

        The Hall dedicated to the Takayama Matsuri, a festival held twice a year in spring and autumn.

Day 9-10: Tokyo - UK Departure
Enjoy last night in Tokyo. Transfer to Tokyo Airport (Narita) by a shuttle which is included in your offer. Enjoy your flight home.

End of Services.
On the 11 and 14 night tours only: Okayama
Enjoy a Shinkansen journey to Okayama (1 hour 30 minutes, covered by your JR Pass). Check into your hotel before enjoying some free time in Okayama and its surroundings. At the crossroads between two islands, Okayama, former seigneurial city, reflects the nobleness of a past kingdom.  

Our Suggestions in Okayama:
● The impressive "crow" castle of Okayama city
● The Kôrakuen garden, one of the three most beautiful in Japan  

Examples of excursions from Okayama city (less than 1 hour one way, included in your Japan Rail Pass):
● Kurashiki, an old merchant city bordered by canals. Do not miss the Ohashi house, representative of the former Japanese nobleness
● Naoshima island, world famous for its Modern Art museums and the works of Tadao Ando. From Uno (50 min by JR train from Okayama, 20min by boat (subject to a charge) to get to the island. Details in your travelogue) ● Bizen, specialized in ceramics and katana forges 

Your Tour Hotels

Our members will stay at the following 3* or 4* hotels in Standard Rooms.

Please note that with 3* hotels: Half board (dinner, breakfast) is included in Hakone-Mount Fuji ryokan. Breakfast also included in Okayama and Hiroshima hotel. Other breakfasts not included in your package but can be booked at the hotel reception when check-in. However, in Tokyo and Kyoto, you will find many cafes near your hotel serving often tastier breakfasts than those of hotels, which sometimes have restrictive schedules. 

With 4* hotels: all breakfasts are included and Half board (dinner, breakfast) is included in Hakone-Mount Fuji ryokan. 

With 3*** hotels : Half board (dinner, breakfast) included in Hakone-Mount Fuji ryokan. Breakfast also included in Kanazawa and Takayama hotel. Other breakfasts not included in your package can be booked at the hotel reception when check-in.

Note : Breakfasts not included in your package can be added at the reception desk when you arrive at the hotel. However, in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, you will find many cafes near your hotel serving often tastier breakfasts than those of hotels, which sometimes have restrictive schedules.


With 4**** hotels option, all breakfasts are included.

3* Hotels

Your Tour Hotels
Tokyo: B Akasaka Mitsuke Hotel 3* or Similar
Hakone: Ryokan Ishinovu Shinkan 3* or Similar
Kyoto: Hotel Intergate Kyoto 3* or Similar
Hiroshima: Intergate Hiroshima or Similar
Okayama: Okayama Koraku Hotel 3* or Similar (for 11 or 14-night tours)

Sleeps up to

Adults Adults Adults
3 Adults
Adults Adults
2 Adults
1 Child

4* Hotels

Your Tour Hotels
Tokyo: Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro 4* or Similar
Hakone: Yoshiike Ryokan 4* or Similar
Kyoto: Monterey Hotel 4* or Similar
Hiroshima: Hotel Rihga Hiroshima 4* or Similar
Hotel Granvia Okayama 4* or Similar (for the 11 or 14-night tours only)

Sleeps up to

Adults Adults Adults
3 Adults
Adults Adults
2 Adults
1 Child

Please note: the bed for the 3rd guest sharing is likely to be a sofa bed or camp style bed. If any of these hotels are not available, hotels of a similar standard will be found.

Your Optional Excursions

Our members can choose to add the following excursions at the next stage of the booking process for an additional fee - subject to availability. 

Pocket WiFi for the duration of your stay

Your Optional Excursions
Renting Pocket WiFi in Japan is ideal if you’re looking for fast and unlimited internet access for the entire duration of your trip. Lightweight and with a long battery life, its nationwide coverage guarantees internet access wherever you are, on any kind of device (iPhone, Android smartphone, laptop). Pick it up at the airport and return it at the end of your trip by using the prepaid envelope included. The envelope can be mailed from any Japanese post box.

Pre-paid transportation card, already charged with ¥1,500

Your Optional Excursions
This card is a prepaid top-up card that allows you to use most public transport (metro, trains and buses) in Japan. This card can be used in several of Japan's major cities. The Card is already topped up with 1500 yen ready for use (on top of a 500 yen deposit). The price of your journey is deducted automatically after every single use. If you all of the credit on the card, you can top up easily at train stations. It can also be used as a sort of electronic wallet to pay for small purchases in convenience stores, vending machines, or even to pay for parking. You can also keep your Pasmo Card for future use, as it is valid for 10 years. Or return it at the train station at the end of your trip to get back the 500 yen deposit. One card for each person.
● A prepaid card with 1500 yen ready for use
Can be used on public transport in Tokyo and all other major Japanese cities
Can be easily topped up on the machines at train stations
Can be used as an electronic wallet

Tokyo Airport Welcome - same price package for 1-5 people (only valid for arrival between 10 am and 6 pm)

Your Optional Excursions
Tokyo is a vast city, which can sometimes be a little baffling. An airport reception will allow you to get to your hotel with ease and to confidently take your first steps in the city. Your guide can help you choose the best form of transport for getting into Tokyo, right to your hotel's door. They can also provide you with valuable advice about the rest of your stay. Length of activity: half a day. Our guide will wait for you at the airport, at the customs exit gate, and will take you to your hotel from there. The price of transport from the airport to hotels for your guide and for you are not included in the price of the visit (roughly 25€ from Narita and 9€ from Haneda). All our guides are bilingual English speakers.

Tokyo Guided Day Tour - same price package for 1-5 people

Your Optional Excursions
Enjoy a guided day with one of the locals! Example of visits: Visit Meiji-jing shrine in the centre of Tokyo and Harajuku. Then explore Shinjuku, its garden and the Government Building for a breathtaking view. Meals, transportation and site entrance charges for you and the guide are not included in the price (Guide meals, guide transportation and guide site entrance fees: roughly 25€/activity). All our guides are bilingual English speakers.

Access to Disneyland and Disneysea in Tokyo

Your Optional Excursions
Discover a magical world in Tokyo. With this pass, you can enter Tokyo Disney, a unique wonderland!! Access to the park is subject to ticket availability. If they are not available they will be refunded. The park is an hour from Tokyo, more information will be communicated to you before departure.

Private Onsen (Traditional Japanese Bath) in your room

Your Optional Excursions
Like all traditional accommodation in Japan, the ryokan offered at the Hakone Mont Fuji has single-gender Japanese collective baths (onsen). By choosing this option, you will enjoy a traditional bath in your room. Recommended for mixed couples, families, modest people or people with clearly visible tattoos.

Kyoto Guided Day Tour

Your Optional Excursions
Enjoy a guided day with one of the locals! Example of visits: Explore Nijo Castle, the Kyoto residence of the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu and Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion). Then onto Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) and the Gion district. Meals, transportation and site entrance charges for you and the guide are not included in the price (Guide meals, guide transportation and guide site entrance fees: roughly 25€/activity). All our guides are bilingual English speakers. 

Night walk in the Geishas district (1h30)

Your Optional Excursions
Enjoy this excursion designed for those with a curiosity for the culture and tradition that characterises Kyoto.
This district is located around Shijo Avenue between Yasaka Shrine in the east and the Kamo, a famous art and entertainment dstrict where our members can see real-life Japanese geishas.

The itinerary will mix culture, art, history and fashion for an unforgettable journey!

Kyoto Tea Ceremony (45 minutes)

Your Optional Excursions
Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in an authentic district of Kyoto. Taste the delicious matcha tea and understand the complexity of its service in one of the best tea houses of the city. 

Your Journey

Flights: The flights included are with either a scheduled or no-frills airline and are subject to live availability and prices can change. You can choose your preferred departure times during the booking process. Please select your flight options carefully as departure and arrival airports may differ.

Transfers: Transfers are included throughout this offer as per itinerary.

The Japan Rail Pass is a special train pass for foreign tourists visiting Japan. It includes the use of all trains operated by Japan Railways, more than 20,000km of railways throughout Japan including the Shinkansen Bullet Trains (except for certain high-speed “Nozomi” and “Mizuho” trains). This allows you to access the vast majority of tourist attractions from the North to the South of Japan, on the 4 main islands for days your pass is valid. What you receive is an official voucher that you will have to exchange it at a JR office (which can be found at major airports and JR stations), once you have arrived in Japan, you will need your passport to exchange the voucher. At the time of the exchange, you will have to provide a date for when you want your JR Pass to be activated. This date must be within 30 days after the exchange.

With your JR Pass you can go anywhere you want on the Japan Railways railroad network. With the JR Pass, booking is not an obligation and any non-reserved (and available) seat can be occupied upon presentation of your Japan Rail Pass. You can also reserve a seat without additional charges by going to a travel service centre or JR ticket office (“Midori no madoguchi”) before taking the train. Simply show your Japan Rail Pass and you can get a seat ticket.

The Japan Rail Pass does not cover:
● Subway and buses in Tokyo and Kyoto (you can pay by prepaid transportation card, with already ¥1,500 provided, optional)
● Private lines (that are not JR) 
● Transfer station ↔ hotels (by foot, bus, taxis or subway)
● Nozomi and Mizuho very quick Shinkansen
● Train journeys done outside of pass validity 

Transfer between Tokyo airport (Narita) and Tokyo by Limousine Bus included. The shared limousine bus shuttle is a shared shuttle that leaves the airport and stops either in front of your hotel or at a stop located between 1 to 15 minutes walk from your hotel. Detailed explanations in your travelogue with pictures of how to find the Limousine Bus, easily recognizable at Tokyo Airport and of the possible short walking distance. This transfer is not a private transfer with reception. If you wish to be met personally at the airport you can choose the "Airport Welcome" option. In rare cases, depending on the arrival time of your flight, it may be possible that in case of unavailability of the limousine bus, a public transport trip, the price of which is included in the offer, will be offered. Detailed explanations of the itinerary with pictures in your travelogue.

Transportation included in the 8 night tour:
Japan Rail Pass 7 days which will cover:
● Shinkansen journey between Tokyo and Odawara (45 minutes), from where you will reach Hakone - Mount Fuji (extra 12 min, not included in the JR Pass, 2,5€/person)
● Shinkansen journey between Odawara (Hakone) and Kyoto,  approx. 3 hours
● Shinkansen journey between Kyoto and Hiroshima, approx 2 hours 
● Shinkansen between Hiroshima and Tokyo, appox 5 hours

Transportation included in the 11 and 14 night tours:
Japan Rail Pass 14 days which will cover:
● Shinkansen journey between Tokyo and Odawara (45 minutes), from where you will reach Hakone - Mount Fuji (extra 12 min, not included in the JR Pass, 2,5€/person)
● Shinkansen journey between Odawara (Hakone) and Kyoto,  approx. 3 hours
● Shinkansen journey between Kyoto and Okayama, approx 1 hour 30 minutes
● Shinkansen journey between Okayama and Hiroshima, approx 40 minutes
● Shinkansen between Hiroshima and Tokyo, appox 5 hours 


min : 1°C max : 10°C
min : 2°C max : 10°C
min : 4°C max : 13°C
min : 10°C max : 18°C
min : 15°C max : 23°C
min : 19°C max : 25°C
min : 22°C max : 29°C
min : 24°C max : 31°C
min : 20°C max : 27°C
min : 14°C max : 21°C
min : 9°C max : 17°C
min : 4°C max : 12°C

Travel Advice

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information please click here.

Please note that the advice can change, and you should continue to check all advice until you travel. 

Entry Requirements 

You must ensure you have a valid passport to travel on. 

If your passport describes you as a British Citizen, you do not need a visa to enter Japan. For non-British citizens, you should contact a Japanese Embassy or Consulate


For information about important health advice and any vaccinations required please visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice and https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/countries

If vaccinations or other preventive measures are required, you will need to visit your health professional at least 8 weeks before your trip. 

Please note that passport, visa and health requirements can change. It is every traveller’s responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport, any required visas, and all the necessary vaccinations/health requirements as well as adequate insurance.

In More Detail

Please find practical information about the property and your trip: 

This offer is not accessible to people with reduced mobility. 
Check-in time: 3 pm
Check-out time: before 12 pm

Our price doesn’t include any additional taxes, which may be payable locally.

Please Note: 
Check-in outside the hotel's standard times may incur additional fees. Check out times are subject to change, please check these with the hotel upon arrival.
Schedules and prices are subject to change. 
If the property is accessible to people with reduced mobility, this is subject to availability. To book a room for reduced mobility, please contact our Customer Services Team. 

What's Included

  • 8, 11 or 14 nights in 3 or 4* hotels, including one night in a ryokan (traditional Japanese accommodation)
  • Meals as per itinerary (breakfast) with one Japanese traditional dinner in the ryokan in Hakone - Mount Fuji
  • Transportation between the different steps of the trip
  • 1 mini-travel guide, sent by mail 20 days before departure, giving details about your different trip steps (transport between hotels, touristic spots, trains timetable, etc.: around 25 pages)
  • 1 24-hour English helpline
  • Return airport transfers

Not Included

  • Personal expenditure, such as not mentioned meals/drinks or touristic sports entrance fees
  • Public transportation inside cities (prepaid transportation card in option)
  • Kyoto city tourist accommodation tax (200¥ (about 1,5€/night/person))
  • Insurance
  • Options
  • Everything but what is “included in the price”

Your Contract

If you book a package which includes flights, your contract will be with Voyage Privé. The air holiday package(s) shown are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our ATOL number is 10170.

If you book a package which does not include flights, then ATOL protection does not apply. Your contract will be with the provider of the accommodation and not Voyage Privé. Voyage Privé acts only as agent for the accommodation provider.

Please read our booking conditions before confirming your holiday.

Important Information

If booking as a single traveller, room occupancy is not guaranteed. You may be placed in either a single, double or twin room, based on the availability of the property at the time. 

The location shown on our map is to be used as a guide only and the actual location of the property may differ.

Your contact details may be passed on to the hotel so that they can make contact with you to discuss your booking in advance of your arrival.

You may be asked to provide a credit/debit card deposit on arrival to cover any purchases made in the hotel.

Although we endeavour to provide up to date information we cannot guarantee that all hotel facilities and services will be available during your stay, especially when travelling out of the main holiday periods.

Star rating standards may differ to that of the UK, depending on the country of travel.

The Voyage Privé Promise

  • A unique selection of high-end accommodation
  • Exclusive perks and discounts of up to -70%
  • Member services team available 7 days per week
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