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Pure glamour and untouched beauty, St Barts holidays have it all

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Whether you're relaxing on one of its 16 beaches or living it up at one of the island's legendary nightclubs, St Barts holidays are an experience like no other.

Diverse and beautiful beaches

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Regular visitors to St Barts always head to one of the island's 16 beaches. The best thing about them is that each and every one has its own personality - from the white sands of Saline Beach to Columbier Beach only accessible by boat or a challenging thirty-minute hike. One thing the beaches do have in common is that very few of them have any bars, restaurants or shops, so it's advisable to pack your own food and drink if you're planning on a beach day.

For those who are a fan of slightly more vibrant beaches, the ones at St Jean should satisfy. Head to Nikki Beach and Eden Rock for some genuinely interesting people watching and when sunset rolls around, be sure to check out Shell Beach where millions of tiny shells wash ashore.

Keep it casual during your St Barts holiday

Although St Barts has a rather chic image, visitors find that, during the afternoons at least, the island keeps things fairly casual. If you prefer the low-key approach, there are plenty of beach-side restaurants that should satisfy your needs. Expect to find tables on the sand and plenty of the patrons taking to the waves whilst the bartender works on their cocktail.

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Revel in the glamorous evenings

The glamorous reputation that St Barts enjoys is entirely justified once the sun goes down. If you truly want to live the high life, then head to one of St Barts luxury restaurants. From fine dining in luxury restaurants that celebrate the island's French heritage to couple-friendly clifftop spots that offer up panoramic views - it's the ideal destination for unwinding.

If clubbing is your thing, then St Barts does not disappoint. Some of the clubs on the island enjoy legendary status so be prepared for something a little bit different on your St Barts holiday. With the island's healthy reputation for clubbing, a lot of the spots are also enjoyed by the rich and famous. If you're looking to indulge in some celebrity spotting, you're in with a good chance if you head to one of the genuinely impressive clubs on the island.

No matter what type of St Barts holiday you're after, sign up for our exclusive offers and luxury hotels that have been hand-picked to give you the perfect St Barts experience.

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