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Enjoy luxury cruises to Croatia with Voyage Prive and experience a unique combination of nature and a rich cultural heritage; book online today.

Sail away and sightsee to your heart’s content

Apart from the blissful in-ship entertainment and fabulous seascapes, a Croatian cruise means shore visits. A trip to Croatia would not be complete without a visit to its main city on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik. Steeped in history, and memorable for its terracotta rooftops, café lifestyle and location as a backdrop to the exquisite Elaphite Islands (where white sand beaches, soaring pine forests, and olive groves convene), Dubrovnik has hidden depths. More than just a sleepy historic city, you can capture wonderful aerial views from a soaring cable car, walk the ancient walls, and even venture into Mijet national park. Cavtat, a nearby much smaller port town, offers a delicate contrast offering picturesque vistas of the Konvale farmland region.

Split, on the eastern side of the country and its second oldest city, offers a vivacious social centre with its array of lively bars and restaurants. The Splicani people are known for their passion for life and their style and this is evident in the city's atmosphere. Split is all about water sport, seafood and sculpture, in the form of the famous Mestrovic. But even more than that, daily trips to neighbouring islands mean that you can see the tallest mountain in the country on Brac, revel in the Hvar marina, or retire to the more remote and tranquil island of Vis. These are just three of the 1,244 islands along Croatia’s captivating coastline.

A taste of natural paradise

The culinary culture in Croatia stems from its geography; not too surprisingly, it shares a love of seafood with other Mediterranean countries, and delicious meat and pastries with a central European influence can be enjoyed. Main meals in the “restoran” and “konoba” (taverns) are supplemented by smaller versions of the same in snack form. Pizzerias are focal points and food is washed down in the year-round sun with local wine and spirits. All of this, of course, is in addition to the on-ship award-winning dining, gambling, pool and spa facilities.

Whatever your preference, memories of your Croatian cruise will never fade. Our local know-how and experience mean that we can select the itinerary that best suits your wishes at exclusively discounted rates. Sign up today to enjoy these special offers on our amazing luxury cruises.

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