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Enjoy Luxury Cruises to South Africa with Voyage Prive ⭐ Experience the wildlife and rich colour palette of Africa with Offers Up To -70% ✅.

Continent of contrasts offers cruise memories

Cruise amid the grandeur and contrasts of the breath-taking African continent and watch in awe as the scenery of South Africa unfolds. Cruises to South Africa take you along this stunning country’s three sea-facing sides, cutting through the waters of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. There are many faces and facets to South Africa’s ecosystem. Your view from a luxury cruise will enable you to experience many of them, from towering volcanoes to massive rock reefs and inlets to lagoons - places that time and civilisation have left untouched. The lush greenery of nature at its most opulent, will contrast with the vivid blue of the crystal-clear waters. There will be photo opportunities in abundance. But of course, coming to South Africa for most visitors involves seeing as many indigenous species as possible. Your cruise to South Africa offers sightings of big cats, white rhinos, giraffes, wildebeest, hyenas and hippos.

Ports of call for South Africa cruises

Cruises South Africa style provide a rich array of ports of call. Experience first-hand the mystery and magic of places such as bustling Cape Town, with its impressive mountains and world famous harbour. Your visit to this idyllic location could also include a cable car trip up Table Mountain, to see the wonders of the South African countryside from above. Or journey out to a game reserve to get up close and personal with the fascinating local wildlife. Cape Town also has unspoilt, golden beaches and at Boulder's Beach you could observe the local penguins playing by the shore or swimming through the lovely waters.

A particular favourite for many South African cruise passengers is Robben Island, a World Heritage Site that housed former president Nelson Mandela for most of his 27-year imprisonment. Cruises to South Africa will take you on a culinary journey too, offering up wines from both classical and new vineyards around Cape Town. Another popular port of call for cruises South Africa is Durban, a bustling city with a large menu of attractions and opportunities for tourists. This includes the Botanical Gardens, African Art Centre, Maritime Museum and Durban Art Gallery.

Many choices and exclusive prices for South African cruises

Some of the fabulous designed and well-equipped cruise ships that travel the routes around South Africa’s hypnotic shoreline will offer opportunities to explore the fascinating Mozambique capital, Maputo. Other cruise options could take you to Madagascar and Namibia, to soak up the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Africa at its most splendid. You will be spoilt for choice for your adventures. Simply register with us for handpicked cruises at exclusive prices, taking in South Africa’s amazing safari and beachside bliss, making memories to last a lifetime.

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