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Cruise Asia and discover hidden wonders of the world

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Enjoy luxury cruises to Asia with Voyage Prive and experience the most hospitable nations on Earth and breathtaking displays of grandeur; book online today.

A diverse array of ports

From Vietnam to Shanghai, cruising Asia offers the chance to discover a huge array of beautiful places and fascinating people. Each port is unique in its own intriguing way and the quickest and easiest way to explore as much of these locales as possible is with a cruise. Before you know it you’ll be in a gondola, gliding across the waters of Tokyo’s Hakone National Park. You could be living the high life in Abu Dhabi by partying late into the hours atop gorgeous high rise nightclub. Or simply explore hidden temples in Singapore, then relax in a cafe and take in the surroundings of the busy foreign city around you.

Stunning weather

Whether you’re in port or not, being able to cruise Asia means the chance to spend long days taking in warm foreign climates. You could be lounging on an unknown beach listening to the waters lapping gently in the background. Alternatively, stay on board and spend all day by the pool with your book in one hand and a cocktail in the other. Such fantastic weather opens up the opportunity to do so much more than you could elsewhere in the world; such as trying some new water sports while in port or taking the time to take long walks up the mountains or around the deck of your luxury cruise liner.

Endless pampering

Deciding to cruise Asia becomes so much easier once you realise the endless array of five-star services available to you on board your ship. This involves fine dining in any one of the restaurants on board. All meals are expertly prepared and come tried and tested from chefs whose culinary expertise stems from nations all over the world. When you’re not taking a swim in the pool or lying on a lounger, you can be taking some time to get fit in the gym or get a spa session in before dinner. Post dinner entertainment can be enjoyed with an expertly made cocktail before heading back to your cabin to recuperate for the long, relaxing day ahead.

A cruise through Asia is a delight for all the senses and can be yours for a surprisingly low amount of money. By signing up to our mailing list, you can become part of an exclusive club and receive flash deals which will see you enjoying a holiday that you never thought possible.

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