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Relax and enjoy the 'pure life' on our Costa Rica tours - visit a land teeming with exotic species

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Enjoy luxury Costa Rica tours with Voyage Prive and discover the beauty of its cloud forest teeming with wildlife, and the allure of 'pura vida'; book online today.

Relax and enjoy the 'pure life' in a land teeming with exotic species

In Costa Rica, 'pura vida' is a way of life. Literally translated from the Spanish as 'pure life', the phrase has come to mean so much more. It will be with you whether you're walking the historic streets of San Jose, visiting the Arenal volcano, or watching the flashing colours of the birds in the cloud forest. It's Costa Rica's mission statement: to live an optimistic, care-free life. When you book a luxury holiday in this magnet for eco-tourists you'll feel your cares falling away as you tap into the laid-back spirit of 'pura vida'.

The country offers lovers of the natural world a unique experience. Costa Rica is home to over 500,000 species, 4% of the world's wildlife, and is the country with the highest biodiversity on the planet. More than 27% of Costa Rica's land is protected as wildlife reserves, forests, and national parks.

Take a wildlife walk in the clouds

Get a breath-taking bird's eye view of the forest canopy by walking along bridges between the trees at Selvatura. Here, guides will take you along safe walkways and help you to spot exotic birds, and rare flora and fauna. You could visit misty Monteverde for its cloud forest, finding adventure with an exhilarating zip slide through the trees, a mountain bike ride through the lush vegetation, or a horse ride to seek out its rare wildlife such as bats, marsupials, porcupines, or rare birds like the quetzal with its iridescent green wings, black chest and head, and red belly. Monteverde is also home to the largest concentration of orchids in the world.

Rich in history and culture

Christopher Columbus landed in the country he called Costa Rica in 1502, but its rich history and culture extend back thousands of years. Wander through the capital San Jose, and you will find history on every corner. Visit the national museum with its displays of pre-Columbian artefacts and see the pre-Columbian gold exhibits of the Banco Central Museum. Costa Rica's culture and cuisine are heavily influenced by Spain - try a breakfast of 'gallo pinto', stir-fried rice and beans usually served with a fried egg or sour cream.

A land of breath-taking beaches

Head to the Pacific or Caribbean shores for relaxation, fishing, diving and surfing. Guanacaste Province in the north-west and Puntarenas Province have sun-kissed sand and lapping waves to soothe you. On the Caribbean coast, Tortuguero is an important breeding ground for the Green Sea Turtle. It has an Afro-Caribbean influence in its culture and cuisine.

Whether you're looking for exotic wildlife, a relaxing holiday at the beach, or a slice of Costa Rican culture, our exclusive offers on hand-picked tours will ensure you get a great deal, especially with our exceptional discounts.

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