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Booking best hotels

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Find hotels in the most delightful locations worldwide. Book opulent manor houses, cosy city retreats and ultra-modern boutiques here.

Booking hotels

Are you looking to visit a hotel? Find your dream holiday here at Voyage Privé. We’ve got you covered on everything from weeklong stays to last-minute city breaks.

Our Top 5 Hotels

1. Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas 5*

Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas 5* is a firm favourite with guests. Located in the tranquil Dodecanese on Rhodes, this palatial hotel offers breathtaking ocean vistas and well-pampered services for ultimate relaxation. With lagoon-style pools and a network of luscious gardens, this is your very own exotic getaway in the heart of the Mediterranean.

2. Ca'Sagredo Hotel 5*

Venice is at the top of many holidaymaking wish lists. Ca'Sagredo Hotel 5* is your top option in this historic city. With delightful murals and Venetian furnishings throughout, this hotel makes you feel like royalty. It has won countless awards and has been recommended by the trendsetting experts at Condé Nast. And then there’s the view; the hotel’s terraced eatery overlooks one of Venice’s prettiest canals.

3. Pennyhill Park 5*

Pennyhill Park 5* is located in the picture-postcard Surrey village of Bagshot, offering quintessential views of the English countryside. The hotel itself is lavish. It's situated within 123 acres of well-sculpted gardens and grounds, with a world-famous Michelin-star restaurant to dine in. The rooms are just as plush, with four-poster beds and cosy, tasteful design. Be sure to indulge in the well-regarded spa treatments or a gourmet afternoon tea.

4. Palmeraie Palace 5*

This hotel on the quiet outskirts of Marrakech oozes opulence. Palmeraie Palace 5* is a dazzling palatial hotel with a range of luxuriously finished rooms and villas. The hotel’s grounds feature everything from marbled corridors to landscaped gardens and stunning golf courses under the Atlas Mountains. Stuck for dinner? Dine out at one of the ten on-site eateries serving up award-winning menus.

5. The Vine Hotel 5*

Escape to the dramatic and exotic island of Madeira at the The Vine Hotel 5*. Ideally located close to the bustling capital of Funchal, you can enjoy blissful days out on the many enchanting beaches nearby. The hotel itself benefits from an unbeatable rooftop swimming pool which offers panoramic views over to the azure sea. Designed by Nini Andrade Silva, the hotel's sleek and modern style has received multiple awards. This impeccable ambience continues in the stylish bar and restaurant which offer delectable menus in chic settings.

Why book a hotel?

The best hotels are dedicated to making your holiday memorable and meaningful. Take the stress out of travelling and indulge in some much-need “me time” with a hotel room. The front desk staff are there to help you find and book your spontaneous excursions and evenings out. After a reinvigorating day out, your room awaits; clean, tidy and cosy. Book your hotel to avoid disappointments and ensure that your holiday is worry and stress-free.

The different ways to make your online booking

Book the best hotel deals with Voyage Privé. Our exclusive travel club offers access to excellent hand-selected hotel deals. Join here to secure a luxurious stay away for less.

Voyage Privé will help you find and book the best hotel offers, wherever you are travelling. Guests can save up to 70% on world-renowned hotels. You can organise your booking at any time with a handy app, and gain access to helpful customer support before, during and after your stay.

The 5 best things to see and do at your hotel

1. Dine in

Take the hassle out of hunting down eateries or queuing for restaurants with your hotel’s very own bistro. Hotels offer the best dining experiences with easy booking for guests. Feeling lazy? Enjoy room service from the cosy confines of your room. After all, breakfast in bed is one of life’s great joys.

2. Enjoy the view

Sit back, relax and enjoy the world moving around you. From tranquil terraces overlooking calm oceans to bustling night-time views of glowing metropolises, enjoying the view from your hotel is a must.

3. Spa treatment

Guests too often overlook the spa. This is your respite from the modern world, all just moments from the convenience of your room. Many hotels offer in-room massage services and bookable treatments. Take advantage of your hotel’s perks.

4. Socialise

Hotels are a great place to meet and make friends. Whether you find like-minded fellow travellers or spark a conversation with someone from a completely different walk of life, you’ll find good company in the bar or entertainment room.

5. Get a tour

Hotels can be sprawling, labyrinthine affairs. Ask for a guided tour from one of the hotel’s staff members. This will give you a firm grasp of what the hotel has to offer, as well as offering an insider’s perspective on the hotel’s day-to-day running and history. You may even get a peek at the hotel’s most executive of suites.

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