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City breaks from Bristol

There are a wealth of city breaks and destinations available to choose from, all in easy reach from Bristol airport. With up to 70% off four and five star hotels, now is the perfect time to book your luxury holiday out of the south-west city.


Paris offers a unique and romantic destination for anyone who wishes to witness the glamour, food and history of this wonderful city. Separated by the River Seine, Paris allows you to criss-cross its bridges from 'Rive Droite' to 'Rive Gauche', enjoying the enchanting atmosphere on both sides of this iconic body of water. Visit the Louvre for your intake of culture, and explore the winding streets of the Spanish Quarter and Montmartre for an insight into this enchanting city. With hotels in a range of convenient and exciting locations, explore the city in all of its glory. Picking a hotel is a decision dependent wholly on where you wish to be based: researching the city's neighborhoods and making your plans only adds further excitement to the trip, but the aforementioned Montmartre suits a more bohemian outlook, with its rich artistic history, whereas the Marais locale offers both elegance and thriving nightlife.

New York

New York is a city steeped in both history and modernity, and people have flocked there for centuries to visit and be part of its brash, unique culture. Speeding yellow taxis over the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and Times Square are all iconic images of the city, and you can witness them yourself in style and comfort when staying in hotels in a number of prime locations. New York is one of the most forward-thinking and iconic cities in the world, and has attractions for every taste, so whether you're interested in fine dining or street food, classical music or hip-hop, there is something for absolutely everyone, and a hotel can be easily tailored to the locations you wish to visit, and the areas you wish to stay in. A stay in Midtown Manhattan, for example, will be better suited to a more upmarket experience, whilst evoking the NYC you may have seen in films and television, whereas the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn provides a more contemporary edge.


There are a huge array of German city breaks to suit any need, and with hotels in destinations up and down the country, now is the perfect time to explore these iconic cities. Whether you wish to witness Berlin's embodiment of 20th century history, with its unique bars, nightlife and food scene, or you yearn to see Munich and its wonderful parks, architecture and beer halls, there is a German break for everyone, whether you seek a hotel in the artistic community of Kreutzberg or in the grandeur of Munich's Old Town. With excellent transport systems and a generally relaxed way of life, Germany is just hours away from Bristol, so browse our excellent hotel deals today, find one that suits the needs of your holiday, and get your flights booked!


This beautiful, fairytale city is best noted for its architecture, and there are a range of hotels where you can nestle in the midst of this wonderful destination. A short journey from Brussels, a destination planes from Bristol airport regularly fly to, Bruges is a perfect destination to explore over a weekend. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Bruges is the European centre for culture and arts, and this is reflected in almost every facet of the city. Pulling in two million visitors each year to visit its medieval centre and attractions, Bruges is a destination to be visited time after time; it never loses any of its impact and remains a uniquely charming luxury holiday destination. A relatively small city, a hotel in the centre of Bruges will allow you easy access to all of its wonderful attractions, though the neighborhoods of Stil Einde, Copure and Langerei are all pleasant and lively areas outside of the centre, so finding the one for you is simply a matter of taste!

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