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Treat yourself to a tour of New Zealand up to 70% off, and discover some of the most beautiful natural landscapes around Wellington.

Why go for a tour of New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country of extreme natural beauty and open spaces, packed with mountains, lakes, forests, beaches and fjords, all the while inhabited by less than 5 million people. This extensive wilderness has helped make it one of the most popular destinations for hiking in the world. Whether you're ready for one of the Great Walks, or simply prefer to while away the hours strolling on a beach or wandering through pristine woodland, New Zealand tours could offer the ideal holiday experience for you.

On a tour of New Zealand you get a chance to explore the rich culture of the Maori people. Catch a captivating cultural performance of song, dance and feasting, including the famous Haka (war dance), and check out the arts of Maori tattoo design and sculpture.

Lord of the Rings fans can take an unforgettable trip to Middle Earth and visit the famous film sets and explore the breathtaking national parks where many movie scenes came to life. With great infrastructure, beautiful weather and few hazards, New Zealand is a place to relax and enjoy your travels, whichever kind of tour you decide to take.

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The Voyage Prive travel expert's opinion on tours in New Zealand tours

A New Zealand tour is a once in a lifetime experience for many, and a way to explore one of the most remote countries on the planet. Its vast beauty and contrasting islands make it an ideal destination for an extended stay, as with so many different experiences available it is impossible to get bored.

A tour of the North Island lets you explore the economic and cultural centre of New Zealand, including its two biggest cities, Auckland and the capital, Wellington, home to the majority of the country’s inhabitants. The more populated Auckland is the place to visit for art, culture and fine dining, including Maori history and culture. This island’s warmer climate makes it perfect for swimming and scuba diving.

The South Island tours showcase arguably the best natural landscapes and wildlife New Zealand has to offer, with many travellers selecting specially prepared tours to see whales, dolphins, penguins, and seals. This island is also home to some truly breathtaking scenery including the vast mountain ranges and majestic lakes found along the world-renowned Routeburn and Milford Tracks.

Top 5 things to do/see on New Zealand tours

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1. Kaikoura

Wildlife lovers will not want to miss a visit to Kaikoura, on the coast of the South Island, for a chance to see some of Earth’s most gracious sea giants in their natural habitat. Here you can take a dedicated boat trip to get up close and watch whales, dolphins and seals diving among the waves.

2. The Franz Josef glacier

Check out the breath-taking glacial terrain of the Franz Josef’s glacier on New Zealand’s South Island. A short helicopter ride will take you, weather permitting, into the glacial terrain to hike and observe the incredible blue ice. The truly brave can also experience New Zealand’s highest skydive there.

3. Rotorua

On the North Island, a trip to Rotorua is unmissable. Located in one of the region’s most active volcanic areas, Rotorua is home to geothermal wonders such as erupting geysers, incredible green sulphur pools and fascinating mud pools. It’s also the best place to learn about Maori culture and witness the famous Haka.

4. Hobbiton

Film fans should make the most of their time in Rotorua with a trip to Hobbiton, the film set of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. You can find out how the films were made, visit various Hobbit Holes, and round off the day with a drink in the Green Dragon Inn.

5. Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is a vast lake almost the size of Singapore, and there you can enjoy hot springs, take a sailboat trip and admire the Haka falls. The most adventurous visitors can take up the challenging 20km hike across the Tongariro Alpine crossing and be rewarded with views of emerald lakes and the majestic Mount Ngauruhoe.

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Which hotel to choose in New Zealand

The Regent of Rotorua Boutique Hotel on the North Island in the heart of the city offers a place to relax with elegant, contemporary accommodation featuring a thermal pool, spa treatments and a mini gym.

Staying on the North Island, you can take in the beautiful harbour view of the capital’s Copthorne Hotel Oriental Bay while enjoying one of the most luxurious places to stay in Wellington.

The Scenic Hotel, Franz Josef Glacier definitely lives up to its name, situated on the edge of the fantastic Westland World Heritage Park and beside one of New Zealand’s most celebrated natural features, the Franz Josef Glacier.

The world-renowned Hermitage Hotel is the perfect base for exploring Australasia’s highest peak, the majestic Aoraki Mount Cook, as well as the Southern Alps. Surrounded by vast lakes and spectacular glaciers, this hotel is ideal for your ultimate alpine experience.

Practical information for successful New Zealand tours

Discover the Beauty of New Zealand and The South Pacific

What is the weather in New Zealand?

In an environment as diverse as New Zealand, it’s no surprise the climate is as varied too. Mostly temperate, the weather can change rapidly no matter the time of year. Rainfall is fairly high and spread evenly throughout the year.

The most northern parts are subtropical in summer, while in the mountainous regions of the South Island temperatures can fall as low as -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit), with snow common during winter. Generally, it gets colder the more south you travel, and coastal areas are always milder.

What budget to plan?

Prices vary throughout the year, but as a general guide, you can expect to pay between NZ$10-$35 per person per night for camping, NZ$17-35 for hostel accommodation, and NZ$80-250 for a 3-star hotel.

Car hire costs approximately NZ$20-60 per day and if taking public transport between cities, expect to pay from NZ$10-100 for your journey.

Lunch in a cafe will set you back between NZ$10 and NZ$25, a cappuccino costs up to NZ$4 and a Big Mac is priced at just over NZ$5.

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