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Holidays to Kyoto, Japan's City of History

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Enjoy luxury holidays to Kyoto with Voyage Prive and discover what some call 'The City of Ten Thousand Shrines', a teeming metropolis where ancient and modern meet.

Immerse yourself in Japan's cultural and historical centre

The former capital of Japan is the ideal place to dive into the country's history and its traditions. Unlike the current capital, Tokyo, Kyoto has held on to its relics from the past, making it a fantastic destination for those interested in storybook Buddhist temples, wooden pagoda houses and dramatic natural surroundings. The city represents the Japan of many people's imagination, still bustling and thriving to this day. Unsurprisingly, Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Luckily, the city's size means that no matter the time of year, you'll be able to find a unique experience that you'll cherish for years to come. With our expert knowledge and hand-picked selection of luxury hotels, residences and tours, you'll be ideally placed to make the most of Kyoto's hundreds of sights.

Explore Japan's imperial past and enduring traditions

The opportunities for cultural exploration in Kyoto are boundless. The sheer number of temples, Shinto shrines and stunning gardens alone provides historically-minded visitors with the chance to fully dive into Japan's past and immerse themselves in the country's imperial era. A visit to the city wouldn't be complete without a stay in a ryokan, the traditional style of Japanese inn that allows visitors to complete their journey into history. For those more interested in the arts, the city plays host to the Kyoto National Museum, one of Japan's most important art museums, as well as the country's National Museum of Modern Art. In keeping with the city's dedication to its heritage, the Museum of Traditional Crafts offers a blend of history and art - while more contemporary cultural exports are on show at the International Manga Museum. Whether your interest is cultural, historical, or a blend of the two, Kyoto offers a wealth of opportunities to be inspired by Japan's rich heritage.

Fulfil your culinary fantasies

It's no secret that Japanese food inspires obsession around the world, and Kyoto is one of the best places on earth to experience it. Its status as a historical hub of entertainment means that some of the best restaurants in the country call the city home. Whether you're a fanatic of ramen, sushi, yakitori or Japanese cuisine in general, Kyoto is a paradise. With world-class restaurants on every corner (especially in the city's entertainment district, Gion), the temptation to indulge is impossible to resist.

Whether you need luxurious, convenient accommodation in Kyoto or some guidance in the form of a tour, registering with Voyage Prive unlocks our wealth of expert knowledge and selection of hand-picked hotels at exclusive, last minute prices. Make the most of your visit to Japan and find a fantastic holiday that you'll never forget, all at great value.

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