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City Breaks from Edinburgh 2021/2022

With a wealth of European and worldwide flights available from Edinburgh airport, now is the perfect time to sign up and receive our unique offers on city breaks from Scotland's capital. Whether you wish for a weekend of taking in the culture, the food or the nightlife, our excellent offers on hotels will ensure that you are happy for the duration of your stay.

Amsterdam, the Venice of the North

With regular, cheap and quick flights from Edinburgh, a trip to Amsterdam is the perfect way to spend the weekend. Whether you wish to explore its galleries or its bars, its clubs or its canals, there is something for everyone in this utterly unique city, and we have unique offers on some of its most luxurious hotels. A city teeming with atmosphere, friendliness and intrigue, it is a location that should not be missed: cycling provides a perfect way to travel and there is as much of a relaxed atmosphere as there is a bustling, forward-thinking nightlife.


Barcelona, the crown of the Mediterranean

Whether you are looking for unique architecture, world-class football or beach side cocktails, Barcelona has everything you need for a short break. Gaudi's unique buildings stand out wonderfully: masterfully absurd creations that only add to Barcelona's proud outsider-status within Spain and Europe, something evidenced further in the city's Catalan heritage and proud opposition to the Spanish state throughout history. Heading to the Nou Camp stadium is also a joy for anyone with even a passing interest in football: its fantastic museum concentrates on FC Barcelona's history as a fan-run concern, and offers unique insight into both the city's history on the whole. Elsewhere, an early morning stroll around Barcelona's meat, fish and vegetable markets offer wonderful edible opportunities, and its clubs and nightlife is second to none. Whatever trip you are looking for, Barcelona has you covered. Stay at a range of four and five star hotels for a unique rate when you sign up to our website.

Berlin, the brash embodiment of the 20th Century

Nowhere in the world has embodied the conflicts and turmoil, as well as the enduring human spirit, than Berlin. Due to being occupied by Nazis, Communists and Western liberal democracies during the last century, the city has a unique place within Europe and its tumultuous past, whilst being thoroughly modern and energetic in its outlook. Now a hotbed for young people throughout the world looking for a life without the expenditure or conservative outlook of their home cities, Berlin offers unique nightlife to add further intrigue. A day wandering around the beautiful Museum Island, the Tiergarten and the Reichstag can be followed by a visit to the edgy bars of Friedrichshain or Kreutzberg, though the K'Damm area offers more upmarket, 'grown-up' fare. However you choose to spend your trip to Berlin, we have a range of luxurious hotels available with offers unique to our members.

With such a wide range of locations available to fly to from Edinburgh, now couldn't be a better time to sign up and receive our unique offers. Why wait?

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