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Enjoy luxury cruises to Japan with Voyage Prive and experience a world of dense cities, imperial palaces, thousands of shrines and temples and mountainous national parks. Book online today.

Explore a deep history at Nagasaki

Nagasaki is a Japanese city situated on the northwest coast of the island of Kyushu. It sits on a large harbour, with buildings perched on terraces and surrounded by beautiful hills. It is well-known for a significant moment during World War II, when it experienced an Allied nuclear attack in August 1945. You can learn more about this event on a trip to the city’s Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park. The area is also home to some beautiful shrines and temples, along with a vast range of restaurants offering authentic Japanese cuisine. If you want to experience one of Japan's most impressive night views, then make your way up to Mount Inasa for a spectacular view.

Become emerged in nature at Beppu

This is a Japanese city and spa resort situated on the south island of Kyushu which is set between volcanic mountains and Beppu Bay, resulting in an active geothermal area offering more than 2,000 hot springs, mud pots, geysers and fumbles. It's the perfect place to take a dip and relax among the scenery. There are plenty of gift shops, food vendors and other attractions for you to experience while you're there.

Get lost in Toyko

Toyko is the capital of Japan and is well-known for the infusion of the ultra-modern and the traditional, from historic temples to neon-lit skyscrapers. Check out the Meiji Shinto Shrine for its towering gate and surrounding woods, while the Imperial Palace is a must-see that sits amid large beautiful public gardens. With delicious food and fantastic music, Tokyo is a brilliant place to catch dinner and a show, and if you have the chance, it's also home to Tokyo Disneyland, which captures the hearts of all ages.

If you want to experience fun, relaxation and manic infusion, there is no better way to cruise Japan than with us. We select all of our luxury cruises to Japan with you in mind to create your luxury dream getaway. Sign up to our website today for exclusive deals and amazing discounts that will allow you to cruise Japan in style, without breaking the bank.

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