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Cruises  Europe

Looking to cruise Europe? Do it in the most luxurious way possible

Enjoy luxury cruises to Europe with Voyage Prive and experience the calm Mediterranean waters and gorgeous varied cuisine; book online today.

Sailing across the Mediterranean

Cruises to Europe prove to be incredibly popular year after year, largely due to the prospect of sailing endlessly across the Mediterranean. The waters are generally calm, which makes for the perfect chance to spend all day lounging around the pool in the warm European heat. The peaceful rocking of the boat and endless supply of expertly made cocktails will leave you in a relaxing trance for the entire trip. From time to time, be sure to take a look over the edge - you may be lucky to see groups of dolphins swimming alongside the ship or playing in its wake.

Fascinating ports to explore

Europe makes for such a beautiful continent to cruise around, as there is such a diverse array of experiences to find in each country. One day you could be visiting the Colosseum in Rome and the next you’ll be sitting in a cafe in Monte Carlo. One recurring experience you can expect to find is fantastic seafood wherever you go. Nearly every port will be famous for its freshly caught fish and tantalising culinary delights. It is not just the ports that are so fascinating, but with plenty of day trips available you can head further inland and explore other hidden wonders, like the ruins of Pompeii or the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Evenings spent in luxury

Being able to cruise Europe is, in so many ways, the most luxurious way to travel the world. By day you will be lounging around the pool or out exploring the country you are in. But by night, while you eat your meal and enjoy a few post-dinner drinks, the ship glides effortlessly through the water to your next destination. Any great evening spent on a European cruise should start with a drink in a bar watching the sunset over the horizon. Afterwards, head to your restaurant where the chefs will have prepared a number of gourmet meals carefully planned and prepared by experienced hands from all over the world. Each night you will feel like a king or a queen, dining in a five-star restaurant as excellent customer service is expected across the board. After your meal, head to the evening show before retreating back to your private cabin and rest ahead of the days to come.

Taking time to cruise Europe is the embodiment of luxurious travel and is possibly the most relaxing way to enjoy being away from home. However, this luxury need not come at a cost, as by subscribing to our email list you can receive exclusive flash offers that will see you sipping sangrias in the sun in no time.

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