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Enjoy luxury cruises to the Mediterranean with Voyage Prive and experience the perfect sunny and relaxing holiday experience; book online today.

Mediterranean cruises : Sun, culture and relaxation at sea - the perfect escape?

You'll find cruising is the perfect holiday for relaxing and enjoying a break at your own pace… even if your partner is more or less energetic than you are! Couples on cruise holidays often find it's a great way to compromise on what type of break to enjoy. There's something for everyone, whether you're keen to experience cultural expeditions on land, shopping trips in seaside harbours, or if simply relaxing in a sun lounger is more your cup of tea.

While the world's travel agents have come up with all kinds of cruise there's still plenty of enthusiasm for straightforward sun holidays, such as a leisurely cruise across the Mediterranean for either couples or families. You've plenty of options to choose from, even in this small body of water and plenty of exceptional discounts available to you. Many cruisers like to focus on romance, with a cruise that takes in the delights of Venice and the lovely Greek islands. There's also the antiquities of the Greek and Roman empires to enjoy at several historic sites around the eastern Mediterranean. If you're more of a party-goer, the Mediterranean's party islands, like Ibiza, are served by several cruise lines and there are also beautiful unspoilt beaches to drink on. If you prefer a taste of luxury on your holidays, try a cruise that reaches the millionaire playgrounds of Monaco and St Tropez.

Luxury Mediterranean cruises : Entertainment aboard

For many people however, leaving the ship isn't really the point. Modern cruise ships have so much to offer holidaymakers that there's arguably no reason to disembark at all during your voyage. If you prefer to stay on board, cruise ships can include plenty of bars, restaurants and entertainment options, such as casinos and nightclubs. Many cruise lines bring in celebrity stars for gala nights and there are even dance contests and bingo nights. If you're feeling energetic, there should also be an on-board gym or swimming pool to enjoy.

The many Mediterranean cruises on offer

The popularity of cruise holidays means there are now many to choose from at our exclusive prices. We can offer to you a selection of handpicked offers for the kind of cruise break you want to enjoy. Sign up at our website to find out more!

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