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Plenty of places to explore on short European breaks

Europe has some of the most exciting cities the world to offer, and we can explore all of it with incredible ease. Whether you wish for an upmarket, luxurious trip or a budget stay, we offer up to 70% off hotels in a range of exciting locations, allowing you to base your holiday around these incredible deals. All you need to do is sign up and start planning!

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Get an insight into 20th century history in Berlin

Berlin offers some of the most fascinating history in the world, but, unlike its counterparts throughout the rest of the continent and country, is less of an exploration of medieval or renaissance history as a striking embodiment of the 20th century. You can witness the Weimar, Nazi and Cold War eras in every street, but that isn't to say that the experience has to be one of study and contemplation: there is a wealth of excellent arts and culture attractions, particularly galleries and nightlife, that beg for exploration and attention, with stunning museums and fantastic food. Depending on where you want to stay, we have a range of excellent offers on Berlin hotels in a range of exciting neighbourhoods.

Explore the wonderful canals of Venice

Famed for its beautiful canals, famous bridge and gondolas, Venice is rightfully considered to be one of the most striking cities in the world, but there is far more to it than meets the eye. Its renaissance art and history is absolutely fascinating, and there isn't the usual emphasis on pizza and pasta found in many Italian cities, though there is certainly plenty to be had should you require it. Seafood and risotto are the order of the day here, and excellent, great value food can be found around every corner away from the tourist traps. We have a range of excellent hotels that we'd highly recommend, so sign up now to browse through our great deals on short European breaks.

Gaze upon unusual architecture in Barcelona

Barcelona combines its unique Catalan history with an exuberance and flamboyance that isn't found anywhere else in the world. Long known for its resistance to mainstream Spanish culture, and the dictatorship of General Franco, Barcelona is one of the world's great cities: the food, architecture and beaches all adding up to result in a rich, cultural mix. Check out the markets early in the morning for exciting options of meat, vegetables and fish, and explore the city's fantastic cafe and bar scene. If you're that way inclined, a visit to the Nou Camp stadium is also particularly interesting, examining both the history of Barcelona's football club and its impact on the city, and world, itself. We have a range of fantastic offers for you, so sign up now for up to 70% off a range of fantastic hotels for short European breaks.

Whichever city you'd like to explore, we have the perfect accommodation waiting for you at up to 70% off, so sign up now.

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