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Last minute holidays to Spain

Spain remains one of Europe’s favourite holiday destinations and it is a nation of contrasts. From the legendary beaches and year-round sunshine on the Costa del Sol to the Gaudi architecture and culture on offer in Barcelona and the dramatic history of Cadiz and Seville, Spain has something for everyone, so check out our handpicked offers on luxury hotels.

Fun in the Spanish sun

The traditional Spanish sunshine break is alive and well and while luxury holidays in Marbella, with its taste for the finer things, and Benidorm, at the opposite end of the scale, are the ones that spring to mind, Spain has a spectacular array of beach holidays on offer. On the east coast, Valencia offers a taste of traditional and authentic Spain, together with some of the world’s most spectacular beaches.

Then there are the Balearic Islands, including the iconic Ibiza, the legendary White Isle that attracts clubbers from around the world in the summer, as well as the sophisticated set that like to dine on the cobbled streets of Ibiza Town. Then there's Mallorca, which has year-round good weather and a host of beautiful resorts that make this tiny island a major holiday resort.

Go skiing in Spain

Inland Spain has a lot to offer, too, from the spectacular historic architecture of Madrid and Granada to the ski slopes of Sierra Nevada. Yes, really, you can go and ski, just two hours from the bars of Marbella, and Spain has a wealth of traditional white washed villages that cling to the side of the mountains. This is the old Spain, with its Moorish architecture and olive trees.

Spanish food for thought

Spain boasts some spectacular cuisine, now often considered on a par with neighbouring France. Of course, there is the iconic paella, which started out as food for the farmers in the field, with everything from snails to insects thrown into the rice pot. It has since evolved into a dish that is rich in exotic seafood and, in Valencia, a portion of chicken.

Tapas is also a Spanish invention that has spread throughout the world and the city cafes are full of locals enjoying a small beer and a selection of dishes that range from simple prawns through to Russian eggs, olives and croquette potatoes. It’s a distinctly Spanish way to pass the time. You can even enjoy a sangria by the pool: you're on holiday after all! So why not grab a last minute deal and head off to Spain to soak up the sun, the sea and the culture? Sign up to browse all the available offers right now.

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