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Enjoy luxury holidays to this beautiful part of Asia and discover temples galore and scenery you'll never forget. Burma is perfect for luxury holidays with an exotic twist so book online today.

Discover the surreal world of Burma

Find out what thousands of travellers are discovering about holidays in Burma - also known as Myanmar. This enigmatic country has become something of a tourist magnet since the sanctions imposed by the west were lifted; and it's western visitors that seem to be most captivated by its beauty. Burma will dazzle you with a complete contrast in sights, sounds and experiences; the 21st century is just peeking through, obscured by a thousand beautiful temples and awe-inspiring floating gardens. A visit to Burma is one where you'll definitely need to take a camera and your imagination. There can be no doubt that the main draw of Burma is the way that it seems to have more or less avoided the trappings of modern life, and kept its own personality intact.

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Experience the winking wonder of Rangoon

Rangoon (or Yangon) is the major draw of Burma, a stunning city with a skyline that's dominated by the world famous Shwedagon Paya temple – or the 'winking wonder'. This awe-inspiring monument is a must-see on any visit to Burma, attracting pilgrims and travellers from around the world. While you're exploring the city, spend a leisurely few hours strolling around the Bogyoke Aung San market - with over 2,000 shops and stalls to browse you may well find that the temptation to splash out on hand crafted textiles and authentic Burman craft items hard to resist.

Take to the lake

Another iconic destination for travellers exploring Burma is the famous Inle Lake, which somehow manages to keep its rural charm despite its popularity as a tourist destination. You can still see authentic Intha fisherman fishing by hand from their flat-ended canoes and the floating gardens are something to behold. Traditional villages line the lake, complete with wooden homes on stilts, and locals selling their homemade wares.

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Unexplored beaches and deserted islands

Although Myanmar is probably better known for its temples and cultural sites than beaches, a trip to the coast offers idyllic coastlines with beautiful unspoiled palm fringed beaches and some truly stunning views. Ngapali Beach is a perfect example of Myanmar's unspoiled coastal vistas, with its views over mysterious islands and deserted beaches. Many of these islands are still unreachable and the beaches can be a challenge to access, so if beach culture is your holiday ideal, Sittwe is the destination for you, with some picture perfect photo opportunities and the chance to catch a sunset over the Bay of Bengal from the beach.

The perfect time to visit Burma

Now is the ideal time to experience Burma, before modernisation spoils its charm. Opt for one of our exceptional handpicked luxury holidays for an unforgettable experience of everything that beautiful Burma has to offer.

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