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Exclusive UK family holidays with unbeatable discounts

All of our UK family holidays have been carefully selected for you, whether you want a cultural city break, a historical journey or a thrilling activities-filled adventure. From Scotland to Wales, England to Northern Ireland, there’s so much to experience right on your doorstep. Sign up today to receive exclusive members-only deals and up to 70% off standard prices on UK holidays.

The UK is the ultimate family destination

If there’s one word to describe the UK, it’s ‘varied’. From world class cities to national parks, mountains, lakes and charming quaint villages, the UK has it all. Throughout all these you’ll also discover the fascinating history of Great Britain and encounter vibrant cultural events. Whether you want to take the kids away for a discounted action-filled adventure or perhaps to an exclusive five star city hotel, we have handpicked you the very best UK family holidays and secured them at unbeatable prices.

Family friendly city breaks

The UK is home to some of the best cities in the world. This includes London, which is the home of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Science, Transport & Natural History museums, Madam Tussauds and the London Eye, not to mention world class dining, shopping and West End theatre. It doesn’t stop at London either; we offer holidays at four and five star hotels in Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, Bristol, Glasgow and Cardiff too. Our top end selection of city hotels includes a host of options that are both family-friendly and exclusive.

Luxury UK family holidays

Every family deserves some luxury and a breather from the stresses of the school run, work and everyday life. That is why we’ve chosen the best luxury UK family holiday options at some of the most fabulous country hotels including manor houses, mansions, spa hotels and boutique hotels. Luxury facilities include in-hotel dining, spa experiences, swimming pools, golf courses, gyms and use of bikes.

Adventure holidays in the UK

Some families prefer to get out and about and enjoy the stunning landscapes found across the UK. From trekking in the Highlands to boating on the lakes and even enjoying a spot of forest adventure, skiing, caving, cycling or mountaineering, our family adventure holidays offer a chance to bond, to enjoy each other’s company, challenge one another and then rest in the evening in luxury accommodation. Sign up and find your UK family holiday offer here.

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