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Enjoy luxury cruises to Italy with Voyage Prive and be swept away by the romance and magic Italian cities, glorious Italian food and world-historic sites while you take in the fresh air from four different glorious seas surrounding Italy. Book online today.

Experience the Eternal city

No cruise to Italy would be complete without a trip to the capital, Roma. Famed for its globally influential art, architecture and culture on display, as well as its fine food and historic buildings, Rome will leave you wanting more. There is no shortage of things to do and see, from the jaw-dropping Colosseum to the historic Pantheon and a stop at the Vatican city. You can't leave Rome without trying some delicious gelato or without throwing a penny in the classic Trevi Fountain. With so much to do, you won't know where to start!

Explore the South of Italy

Italy is shaped like a boot and just at the "toe" of Italy's boot, is Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island. Sicily has an array of stunning beaches which are popular to soak up the sun and relax on the beach. Combined with warm waters and stunning scenery, a trip to Sicily is a must after experiencing the hustle and bustle of the capital. Sardina is another must-see with its varied, vibrant, and pure beauty, it's the second largest island in the Mediterranean. With its charm, beautiful weather and heavenly food, it is a feast of an island, and certainly one of Italy’s most seductive destinations.

Visit the old Capital of Italy

Turin or Torino in Italian is the old capital of Italy and one of the most charming cities in the whole country. It's known as the chocolate capital of Italy and is filled with boutique chocolate shops that will satisfy any sweet tooth. It's also home to the largest and considered one of the best Egyptian museums outside of Egypt itself, so perfect for anyone interested in learning new history. Turin is surrounded by the Alp mountains so will allow you to experience a totally different side to Italy compared to the beaches of the South and the Roman history of the capital.

If you want to experience a country bursting with history, culture, amazing food and some of the finest wine the world has to offer, then there is no better way to Cruise Italy than with us. We select each of our luxury cruises to Italy with you in mind to create an amazing cruise away. Sign up to our website today for exclusive discounts and deals that will help you cruise Italy in style, but without the expensive price-tag.

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