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Privacy Policy

Voyage Privé acts as the data controller for the processing of your personal data collected on the website (the “Website”) and the corresponding mobile applications (the “Applications”). Voyage Privé makes every effort to preserve your absolute privacy when you visit the Website or use the Applications. By becoming a member of Voyage Privé, you accept our privacy policy, which is designed to answer any questions you may have about the processing of your personal data.

Categories of data collected

The data you give us on a voluntary basis

When you register with Voyage Privé, fill in an order form for a holiday or modify the information held in your member’s account, Voyage Privé collects your personal information that you have agreed to communicate to us.

This personal information includes, in particular, your email address and your password, and your personal information and the personal information of your travel companions, including full names, nationalities, dates of birth, telephone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses, passport numbers and the corresponding expiry dates, and any holiday reviews you may post on the Website or via the Applications.

Whenever you provide information relating to your payment card, we will give you an opportunity to register your data to facilitate future transactions on the Website or via the Applications. If you decide to register your data, only the expiry date of your card and a bank transaction identifier will be retained. That information may be used for future payments made via our secure payment platform.

You may also provide us with data via Facebook, if you expressly agreed to associate your Voyage Privé member’s account with your Facebook user account when you registered with the Website via Facebook Connect.

Your browsing data

When you browse the Website or use the Applications, Voyage Privé collects information on your browsing session. For example, Voyage Privé collects information on your browsing history on the Website or on the Applications: pages viewed, searches made, bookings, requests for quotes, opening of Voyage Privé newsletters and clicks on links to offers.

When you browse the Website or use the Applications, Voyage Privé assigns a unique identifier to your devices and collects information on the browser or operating system you use (Apple or Android) and the relevant version.

Voyage Privé also uses cookies to store information and access it (for further information on our use of cookies, please consult the “Cookies policy” section).

Our use of your data

Your personal data is processed electronically for the following purposes:

Order processing

When you place an order on the Website or via an Application, the essential personal data required to process your order is transferred to Voyage Privé’s external providers involved in the delivery of your holiday (hotels, airlines, tour operators, inbound agencies, etc.). That data is also processed to allow us to monitor customer relations and fulfil our accountancy obligations (your invoices).

Communications relating to the service proposed by Voyage Privé

Voyage Privé sends you several different types of emails:

  • Emails relating to your order: confirmation of your holiday, provision of travel documents, satisfaction survey.
  • Voyage Privé Newsletter: you can manage the number of newsletters you receive in your account settings, on the Website or via the Applications.
  • Other emails: welcoming new members, information relating to your activity or inactivity cycle, Voyage Privé new offers and member benefits.
  • Customised emails: for further information on our use of customised emails, please consult the “Customisation and optimisation of your experience” section.

To facilitate access to Voyage Privé’s services, you will be automatically connected to your member account when you click on the content of the emails we send you. We thus invite you to be vigilant when you transfer an email to a third person, this one being able to have access to the personal information’s which are registered on your account.

An unsubscribe link is included in all the communications we send, which can be used to unsubscribe from our communications at any time.

Customisation and optimisation of your experience

Based on an analysis of your browsing data and the information you may provide on the Website and via the Applications, we send you customised emails and advertisements relating to the services proposed by Voyage Privé, to ensure that we propose the most suitable holidays, and relating to the features available on the Website (alerts, launch of sales). We may also send you notifications via the Applications, if you have agreed to receive those types of notifications.

Likewise, you may receive notifications from us in your browser but only if you have activated the corresponding option (to activate notifications in Mozilla: Options > Content Panel > Notifications, in Chrome: Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Notifications).

By analysing the data relating to your activity on the Website, we can enhance your experience on the Website: we use those analyses to propose the most relevant types of offers based on your experience.

Web analytics

The data for your bookings is analysed to obtain statistics, which are then used to determine Voyage Privé’s sales policy.

Sharing of your data

Your data is shared with the suppliers involved in the fulfilment of your order, to ensure that it is properly fulfilled.

In this context, your personal data may be transferred to a third country (out of European Economic Area). If you book a stay in a country outside the EEA, the data required to process your booking will be transmitted to our suppliers.

Some third countries may provide a lower level of protection for your personal data, than it is guaranteed by the European Union law. In this case, Voyage Privé undertakes to take all appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data are protected and processed in accordance with Union law, in particular through the implementation of standard contractual clauses approved by European Commission or contractual clauses previously authorised by the relevant authority.

We also work with external providers, for the customisation of your experience, who are instructed by us to send communications or collect and process data, to allow it to be analysed and used to enhance the services we offer and customise our communications. In that respect, we only provide them with the sufficient data they require to perform their duties. Our external providers are bound by contract to process the personal data received solely for the agreed purposes and in compliance with applicable regulations.

We may also provide some of your data to our advertising partners or platforms, for behavioural retargeting for Voyage Privé, in particular information on the products you have viewed on our website, information relating to your quotes or orders (including destination, date of departure, number of passengers), the unique identifier assigned to your mobile device and your operating system and, in certain cases, your email address encrypted using a highly secure standard.

If you have expressly agreed to receive offers from our partners, your email address and/or registration information may be transmitted to them for commercial prospecting. Voyage Privé undertakes that an unsubscribe link will be present on all communications from its partners, in order to give you the possibility to stop them at any moment. You also have the option of no longer receiving any offers from Voyage Privé's partners in your member account, under "Subscriptions".

Data retention periods

The personal data you provide relating to your member’s account and your bookings and your browsing data is retained for ten years after your last activity on the Website or the end of your last holiday.

After that ten-year period, your member’s account will be automatically disabled and you will need to create a new account if you wish to use our services again.

Cookies policy

Our use of cookies on the Website: The Voyage Privé cookies policy is designed to provide you with information on the operation and purpose of the cookies used by Voyage Privé and on how to manage your cookie preferences.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a piece of data stored on a computer, a tablet or a mobile when you browse the Internet. Cookies allow websites to recognise your browser. They are mainly used to store your choices and preferences. They do not cause any type of damage to your device. For example, they can be used to customise the content you view. You may obviously disable or block those types of cookies (please consult the “help” section of your Internet browser for information on how to manage cookies).

How does Voyage Privé use cookies?

When you browse Voyage Privé, you authorise us to collect data on your browsing using an acceptance cookie. That data is then used to propose the most suitable offers to you on the website or in the newsletters sent. Those cookies may be installed by Voyage Privé or by third parties, for web analytics and behavioural retargeting campaigns. The information obtained from those cookies may be retained for up to ten years. As stated above, you may delete your cookies at any time (please consult the “help” section of your Internet browser for information on how to manage cookies). NB: if you decide to block certain cookies, some features of our website will not be available to you. Likewise, if you block certain advertising cookies, this will not remove online advertising. It simply means that the advertising displayed will not be based on your preferences or your user activity anymore and will therefore not be as relevant to you as before.

Which types of cookies does Voyage Privé use?

Strictly necessary cookies: essential for the proper operation of our service. Functionality cookies: allow us to remember your preferences. They are not essential, but we use them to enhance and adapt our content to meet your needs. Performance cookies: allow us to track the way in which you use and browse the website. We collect the following main types of data: the pages you view, open and leave, the type of browser and device you use and information such as the number of clicks on a given page. The data collected remains anonymous and cannot be used to identify you. Advertising cookies: used to display advertisements from Voyage Privé or third parties on other websites. This is called “behavioural retargeting”. It is based on the browsing information collected and the filters used when searching our website.

How can I manage my cookies?

You may enable or disable the installation of cookies on your terminal through the settings features of your Internet browser. The steps to be taken vary from one browser to another. Detailed instructions can often be found in the Help menu of your browser or you can click on the appropriate link below:

  • For Internet Explorer™:
  • For Safari™:
  • For Chrome™:
  • For Firefox™:
  • For Opera™:

    You can also manage your cookie choices on the Youronlinechoices website, published by digital advertising professionals through a European Association called EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance) :

Data protection

Voyage Privé implements all technical and organisational measures required to protect the personal data in its possession and prevent it from being accessed, altered, destroyed or disclosed. In particular, we have implemented the following security measures to protect that data:

  • Our internal IT network, our servers and the Website are protected by technical measures providing the highest level of security for your personal data.
  • Our security measures are regularly audited to ensure that they remain effective.
  • Your personal data may only be accessed by Voyage Privé’s employees and data processors for necessary processing, for which you have given your consent.
  • Any unauthorised intrusion affecting our database generates an immediate alert and the necessary action is then taken.

Requests to access your data or delete your member’s account

Pursuant to General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679, you have the right to request access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data and a restriction of processing, to object to the processing of your data and a right to data portability. To do so you can send your request by sending an email via your Voyage Privé member's account, in the "Contact Us" section.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the UK Data Protection Agency (the ICA), as the relevant supervisory authority in UK.

Should you wish to delete your Voyage Privé member’s account, please go to the “Contact Us” section, click on “Send an email” and then select the right type of message (Account deletion).

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