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European Holidays 2024

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Everyone knows that modern life can get you down, which is why we understand the importance of taking the stress out of planning relaxing trips abroad - even if it's short notice! Our wide range of last minute Europe deals give more choice and scope for a spur-of-the-moment experience you'll never forget.

Soak in the sun and exquisite culture!

If it's a sunny break you're after, take a quick plane ride to a long stretch of pure white sand in southern Spain, where paella and cocktails await! All the Costas of Spain - Daurada, Brava, Del Sol, to name but a few - all experience more than their fair share of sunshine throughout the year. If you'd prefer to while away a weekend among historical greatness, Italy's beautiful cities of Rome, Florence and Milan offer superb chances to both feast like kings and take in the impressive architecture of the great former Empire.

Both Barcelona and Amsterdam are famous for their stunning buildings and quirky little streets. Barcelona bustles with a true vibe of Spain, where you can visit a bullring museum or admire the ongoing building of the great Cathedral. Amsterdam's famous hospitality and niche cafés sit pleasantly along the gorgeous canals, and its relaxed vibe really sets it apart from other cities. For those who like a little more bang for their buck, winter sports in Switzerland are a great way to spend an exhilarating break on the white-capped pistes of impressive mountains! Or perhaps the brisk Nordic stretches of Norway, Sweden and Denmark are something you want to explore, with their pristine natural surroundings and state-of-the-art luxury hotels.

Embrace the moment with the romance of France

Of course the most romantic cities are always popular, and Paris doesn't disappoint. A rich city of artistry and expression, it's full of glamour with quaint restaurants and gorgeous boulangeries to while away the evening hours. The luxurious diamond of France is one of the most visited locations in Europe, and it truly sets a high standard for all other breaks.

With so much to choose from, our experts can help you find a last minute deals to Europe which fits everything you need out of a trip away. As a member, you can take advantage of our wide range of services and exclusive offers. Don't miss out - the best deals go in a flash!

FAQ Last minute deals Europe

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To explore Southern Europe, we recommend you to go to Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal or Malta.

If you prefer to explore Nothern Europe, let's go to Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark or Ireland !

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