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Exquisite weekend breaks in France

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Book online and receive exclusive discounts on a weekend away to France, a country ranging in style from elegant chic to rustic delight, with bustling cities and quiet countryside retreats.

Visit Paris, the capital of couture

Parisians are famous for their sense of style, and you can become a part of the experience with a shopping weekend away. Explore exclusive designer boutiques, and take a trip round the quintessential haute couture houses. Expand your retail therapy with a trip to some of the unique homeware shops and department stores, many inspired by the art nouveau style. With your bags in hand, make your way back to a hand picked luxury hotel where you can get ready for a night of Parisian splendour.

Hotel Daumesnil-Vincennes 3* - Paris - Up to -70% | Voyage Privé

Explore the finest bars and restaurants in France

You might have shopped until you've dropped, but make sure you have energy left to explore the spectacular nightlife of this iconic city. Explore tiny bars created to resemble classic Parisian cafes, perfect for a street side slice of city life. Visit hidden cocktail bars, exquisite gems amongst an already sparkling selection of places to drink. Or return to your exclusive hotel, where you can relax in the grand hotel bar, along with the crème de la crème of Parisian society.

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With exclusive discounts when you book online with us, you'll have money to spare to explore some of the traditional French cuisine. Famed throughout the world for their food, French cuisine is listed by UNESCO as part of France's intangible cultural heritage, so it is not to be missed. Whilst in Paris, try the 'small plates' dining experience, sampling dishes such as ham croquettes or ceps a? la Grecque, a French twist on Greek mushrooms. Further out of the city, you'll find more traditional fare, such as exquisite onion soup, and the famous coq au vin. Pair your sumptuous meal with a sublime wine, in a country filled with some of the finest vineyards in the world.

Retreat to the French countryside with exclusive discounts on delightful Chateaus

As well as the bustle of the city, France boasts some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe. Enjoy a romantic stay in an exclusive Chateau, surrounded by vineyards in the heart of Provence. Or treat the whole family to an all-inclusive short break in Camargue, surrounded by the wild and breath-taking landscape.

Once you step away from the comfort of your luxury hotel, you can explore the local sights, including Roman amphitheatres soaked in history. Why not rent a bike and create your own adventure in the unique French countryside?

Your French weekend break is just a few clicks away, and with our exclusive discounts and offers on luxury accommodation, you know you're in good hands.

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5 things to see/do in France

1. Visit the Eiffel Tower

This has to be the most famous attraction in France. It was built by Gustave Eiffel in celebration of the centennial of the French Revolution in 1889 and is a symbol of national heritage for France. It is also a rather romantic spot for couples and offers amazing views.

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2. Go to Disneyland, Paris

Disneyland in Paris is great for families. Take your child flying with Peter Pan and snap a few selfies with Mickey Mouse. Disneyland experiences an influx of over fourteen million visitors each year and is one of Europe's most popular theme parks.

3. Visit the Louvre

This museum hosts over 35,000 paintings and sculptures, including Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, and many consider it one of the most important museums in the world. Tourists flock here to glimpse artwork and artefacts that span 11,000 years of human civilization and culture.

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4. View the Palace of Versailles

Also referred to as the Sun King, Louis XIV created this extravagant palace to reflect his personality. It features 700 rooms with carvings and frescoed ceilings and the Versailles Gardens, with fountains and other breath-taking features.

5. See the River Seine

This is river acts as a dividing line between Paris and Bohemia. You can take a river tour here or enjoy a romantic stroll over iconic bridges.

The best hotels for a weekend in France

1. SOWELL Family La Lauzière

For those wishing to take a country weekend break or spend a weekend skiing, this charming, family-friendly hotel in the serene setting of Montalbert, France is just right. This ski resort offers over 109 cosy rooms, a lounge, bar and a warm fireplace. Here, you wake up to incredible panoramic views.

2. Hotel & Spa Royal Madeleine 4*

This four-star establishment in Paris is the ideal location for an elegant city break. It was built in 1976 and is a family managed institution that is close to popular spots, such as the Olympia and Tuileries Garden. While here, you get to enjoy a welcoming restaurant, a spacious spa and a warm swimming pool.

3. Novotel Nice Centre 4*

This four-star hotel offers panoramic views over the historic centre of Nice. The sea and surrounding hills make this hotel the perfect spot for a weekend break in France. There is also a rooftop swimming pool and this delightful hotel offers delectable dining options and drinks.

4. Chalet Dharkoum Makan

Situated in the Trois-Vallées, the Chalets Dharkoum offers a memorable alpine weekend getaway. Here, guests can enjoy skiing and snowboarding adventures, as well as live DJs and other entertainment. The cosy chalet accommodation here comes with a fireplace, a TV, a fully-equipped kitchen and fantastic scenery.

5. The Jay hotel 4*

Found in Nice, the Jay is a great option for modern accommodation. It is only 100 metres from Promenade des Anglais. You will get to see the Mediterranean Sea at this hotel and stay in a Standard Studio room with a sumptuous daily breakfast. Further, there is a complimentary welcome gift for each room stay.

Plan your weekend break in France

The best time of the year to go to France

The ideal time to tour France would be in spring. This is from April to May. France has excellent weather conditions; therefore, summer, from June to August, and autumn, September to October, are also great for visiting. However, spring offers pleasant weather, with temperatures ranging between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius, and there are fewer crowds during this period. For those who plan to ski, March and April are great months because you get warmer weather and longer daylight hours allow for more time on the slopes.

Going to France at the weekend

France is an hour ahead of the UK. Therefore, jetlag is not an issue. There are daily flights to all the main airports in France from various parts of the UK. Furthermore, flight times are short, meaning that you get more time to enjoy your weekend break. Getting around France is easy with private car hire, plentiful taxis and a good railway system. Some hotels offer shuttles or private transport to their facilities.

Where to eat - the best districts and restaurants

All of our handpicked hotels and resorts have their own restaurants, which serve mouth-watering delicacies. However, if you're looking for a wider variety of treats and happen to be in Paris, there are numerous options for gourmet French fare, in areas such as Montmartre, the Champs-Elysées and Belleville. If you're in Nice, you should try a genuine Niçoise salad and for those who take a mountain break, a must-try is raclette.

Nightlife in France

France comes alive at night and Paris takes the win, here. Paris is known as the City of Light, so an evening stroll to look at the illuminations and soak in the atmosphere with a glass of wine is a must. There are a variety of nightclubs and awesome brasseries where you can create unforgettable memories with your loved ones or meet new friends.

Our practical advice for a weekend in France

What to pack for a weekend in France

When spending a weekend in France, be sure to take your sunscreen, comfortable shoes, light and warm clothing, swimsuits, power adapters, an umbrella and identification documents.

What budget to plan

Since it is only a weekend, take it easy and do not plan too many activities. If you are on the all-inclusive plan, you may only carry money for additional expenses or optional excursions. Voyage Privé offers its members discounts of up to 70%, and this is a great money-saving tip to consider when planning a trip to France.

Useful information before going to France

While English is widely and fluently spoken in France, it might be helpful to learn some everyday French phrases so that you may interact with the locals. If in Paris, you can save some money by riding on the metro.

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