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Cruises to Mexico: a destination of stunning contrasts

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Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world, due in no small part to the cocktail of culture, ancient history and breathtaking scenery that awaits the visitor. Cruises to Mexico are a marvellous opportunity to explore some of the most amazing beaches, ports and sites of antiquity whilst enjoying a luxurious and sumptuous travel experience.

Acapulco and Manzanillo for the classic tourist experience

Acapulco has a reputation as the holiday destination of choice for 1950s American starlets and Hollywood actors. Deservedly so, for the golden sandy beaches, gently embraced by the Sierra Madre del Sur mountain range, lend an air of privacy to this otherwise flamboyant and festive destination. Golf, water sports and a number of large shopping malls and mercados provide plenty of diversions whilst the restaurants circling Acapulco Bay serve up a fine dining experience with magnificent views.

Further north you will discover the relaxing resort of Manzanillo, a town of delightful contrasts. World famous fishing tournaments take place each year with sports fishermen drawn to the town for the high volume of sailfish that live in the waters. As you may expect, seafood restaurants are in abundance here, with delightful thatched restaurants adjoining the beach serving the finest local fish. Golf, ecotourism and sports nestle alongside the less energetic pursuits of visiting historic attractions and exploring the beaches; pleasant temperatures and tropical vegetation make this a very calming and restful place to restore your energy in readiness for more sightseeing.

Aguascalientes, for lovers of fine wine

Moving further north along the coast you will reach the renowned wine region of Aguascalientes where the wine connoisseur will delight in the vineyard tours that will enhance your knowledge of the full bodied, spicy wines that are the famous produce of this region. The city itself became prominent in the 16th century as a stopping off point for merchants travelling along the Silver Route; explore the cobblestone streets, haciendas and mineral springs, and this charming town could have you believe that you have stepped back in time.

Mazatlan, to experience everything!

Mexico is clearly a place of contrasts, and you may be forgiven for feeling torn by the seemingly endless possibilities available to you. Mazatlan is the place where you can have the best of all worlds: breath-taking beaches, lagoons and tiny islands to bask in glorious sunshine, and swish restaurants and shops within easy reach. Mazatlan is one of the largest ports in the Pacific Ocean, so the peace and tranquillity of the coast is offset by the entertainments and culture that always evolve in busy port towns. Las Labradas will appeal to the visitor with a fondness for history; ancient rock art and sculptures nestle in an outdoor museum, cooled by sea breezes - a stunning and unique experience for the culture hungry visitor.

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