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Adult only holidays Egypt

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The land of Egypt conjures up images of ancient treasures, desert landscapes, stunning beaches, imposing pyramids and the iconic Nile River. These are just a few of the reasons why it is such a popular destination for adult-only travel. Given this fact, our team at Voyage Privé wants to tell you about some of our top deals for hotels and resorts in Egypt. Our members receive access to our exclusive range of offers.

The top 5 things to see/do in Egypt

1. Experience true Hurghada beach life


Egypt's Hurghada region is renowned for its amazing beaches. The region's top beachfront hotels have their own private stretches of sand. Most of them also offer day access to travellers who are away from the coast. The region's most renowned beach locations are in Sigala, which is south of the main town.

2. Ras Mohammed National Park


Visiting Ras Mohammed National Park is a must-do activity if you want to take in some of Egypt's most stunning natural scenery. It is a great way to spend a day while on holiday in the country's Sharm el-Sheikh area.

3. Take a boat ride to the Giftun Islands


The Giftun Islands are located just off the coast of the Hurghada region and are a popular spot for day trips. You can book a convenient boat excursion to this stunning area that is known for its white sands and coral reefs.

4. Head out to the desert for an unforgettable safari


A desert safari is one of the most memorable experiences you can take part in during an adult-only holiday in Egypt. If you are spending time in the Hurghada region, it is easy to find excursions that will take you through this mysterious landscape in a Jeep or dune buggy. You can also hit the desert sands on a quad bike for a real dose of adrenaline.

5. See Sand City

Sand City is one of the Hurghada region's most unique attractions. It is an open-air museum that features mythological and historical art that takes on the form of masterfully created sand sculptures.

Our best hotels for adult-only holidays in Egypt

1. Sunrise Romance Resort 5*


Facing the Red Sea, the Sunrise Romance Resort 5* truly is a stunning property. It is the ideal accommodation for adult-only holidays spent on the Egyptian Riviera in Hurghada. You have the choice between three stylish rooms, and the property features notable amenities such as spa treatments and an on-site pool. The hotel's restaurant is renowned for serving fresh seafood.

2. Sunrise Meraki 5*

The Sunrise Meraki 5* is located near the Red Sea in Egypt's Sharm el-Sheikh region. It features seven restaurants, five bars and an all-inclusive experience that is ideal for adult-only holidays spent soaking up the sun on the beach and exploring the ancient wonders of this amazing country.

3. La Maison Bleue 5*


Whether you are booking a romantic escape or a fun-filled getaway with friends, a stay at the La Maison Bleue 5* is sure to live up to your expectations for an adult-only holiday in Egypt. It is a luxury mansion on the sea, perfect for water sports and sunbathing. It is also conveniently located, so you can spend plenty of time exploring this vibrant region's sights and sounds at a pace that suits your own personality.

4. Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa 5* - Adult Only


The Premier Le Reve Hotel & Spa 5* - Adult Only is ideally positioned on the Red Sea and offers spectacular views of the surrounding region. This 5-star accommodation offers lavish spa facilities, all-inclusive dining, swimming pools and a private beach. You will rest in a comfortably furnished guestroom or suite with four options during your stay.

5. The Makadi Spa Hotel 5*

The Makadi Spa Hotel 5* is located on Egypt's famed Red Sea Riviera. It is a top choice for travellers looking for adult-only holidays booked on an all-inclusive basis. Key amenities located on-site include a pool, restaurant, bar/lounge, air conditioning and beachfront access.

When is the best time to go on holiday in Egypt?

Egypt is a great travel option for adult-only holidays regardless of the time of year. With that point made, May to August represents the peak tourist season, with days that can get as hot as 36°C.

Going on holiday in Egypt

Flights from the UK to Egypt are readily available with both direct and one-stop options on offer. They can be booked out of major cities like London, Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Birmingham, among others. Taxis and private airport shuttles are the best options for getting to your hotel upon landing in Egypt. The main arrival airport is Cairo International.

Enjoy your holiday in Egypt

We suggest a minimum of a week to 10 days for adult-only holidays in Egypt. If possible, travel plans of two weeks are advisable since this gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your overall experience.

The Voyage Privé travel expert’s opinion on adult-only holidays in Egypt

Journeying to Egypt offers you the chance to spend time in one of the world's most ancient and magical regions. It is a country with an incredible culture and amazing cuisine. The beaches are another highlight that must be included in any getaway to this part of North Africa. From the pyramids and the desert to the waters of the Nile and the hustle and bustle of Cairo's busy streets, there is always something new to experience when you go on an adult-only holiday in Egypt. We are excited to help you find your perfect place to stay here at Voyage Privé.


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