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Enjoy luxury tours of India with Voyage Prive and experience a mammoth country with a vibrant culture, featuring magnificent architecture and stunning natural beauty; book online today.

Tour a vast, colourful land full of intrigue

India has been a favourite travel destination for Europeans over the centuries. Some of the first explorations headed down the silk road to this unique country, and arrived home with tales of wonder. It is no different today, with tours of India just as popular as they always were, and with good reason.

Put aside as much time as you can to explore India. Whether you arrive in the bustling port of Mumbai, or the stately political capital of Delhi, the Indian welcome is loud, friendly and frenetic. There is simply so much to do, from the humid south of the country, where the technology hub of Bangalore lies, to the beautiful city of Chandigarh beneath the Himalayas in the north. The choice of where to start and where to end an Indian adventure is yours.

Stay on the right track

An excellent way to see a large area of India in a relatively short time is by rail. The country's railway system spans most of the country, and leaves you with the satisfaction of having covered the ground and taken in the scenery, rather than flying over it by airplane.

Starting in Mumbai, you can gaze out across the Indian Ocean from the Gateway of India, a site which is just around the corner from the lively traveller district of Colaba, the home of many bars and cafes. Then you might travel east into the centre of the country and visit Nagpur, the capital of the Vidarbha Region, where you will sample a taste of authentic Indian culture. Then head up to Delhi and Chandigarh in the north, all within driving distance from the world famous Taj Mahal and Golden Temple.

Sunbathe on the scenic beaches of Goa

A very pleasant way to end your India tour can be a stay in one of the luxury resorts of Goa, located down the west coast from Mumbai. After the drama of the hectic Indian cities, the Mandrem Beach will offer you the ideal setting for sun, serenity and sea, and is a honeymooners' favourite also enjoyed by families. The beach is located in a quiet village where there are plenty of local eateries to pass by for lunch.

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India is full of things to discover! We recommend that you first explore the city of Agra and the famous Taj Mahal, Dehli and its Red Mughal Fort, Jaipur and its magnificent 18th century palaces, Goa with its superb beaches on the Arabian Sea and Bombay to immerse yourself in the Bollywood universe.

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