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Cruise holidays and deals

Cruising is unlike any other holiday experience, and if you’ve done it once, you’re likely to want to repeat the adventure over and over again. From the moment you pull away from land on your luxurious floating hotel, you’re immersed in a world of pleasures and intoxicating indulgence. Once on board ship, the romance of the sea is coupled with a sheer abundance of activities, entertaining shows, daily hospitality, and opportunities to relax in the sun. No effort is required as you are gently borne from one exotic location to another, and nothing is required of you, except that you are relaxed, stress-free, and that you feel supremely well looked after.

If you’ve been meaning to treat yourself to a luxury cruise experience for a while, then there couldn’t be a better moment to turn that dream into a reality. We know that everyone looks for different things in a holiday, so we offer an amazing range of exclusive offers on cruises; we’re certain that you’ll find something that’s right for you.

So many cruise destinations to choose from

One of the major attractions of taking a cruise holiday is that you get to see so many breath-taking locations in the course of one trip. Imagine cruising into Acapulco Bay, Mexico, watching the Sierra Madre mountain range becoming clearer as you get closer, and picking out a restaurant for dinner on the bay, as you dock and prepare to disembark. Or maybe you've dreamed of experiencing the wonders of the magnificent Panama Canal, or visiting Mexico City and magical Cancun with its underground lakes and Mayan ruins. If your imagination is running riot just at the thought of all these locations, then take a look at our offers on Mexican cruises today.

Choosing a cruise holiday means having it all: great weather, continuous professional entertainment, fun-packed activities, food prepared daily by some of the very best chefs – and on top of that there’s the range of locations you will visit. You may have thought that cruises were only for the well to do; the great surprise is that the world gets more and more accessible every day, and we want to ensure that you don’t put off your once in a lifetime experience any longer.

Take advantage of our cruise holiday savings immediately

Our luxury holiday cruise deals are constantly changing, because we're always looking out for new offers to present to our members. With up to 70% off on all the deals we offer, our members are a pretty happy bunch, and we would like to extend an invitation to you to join them. Our offers are all time-limited, so you may want to set up an alert to be sure that you know when they’re updated. Apart from that, we guarantee that the only difficulty you’ll have will be deciding which cruise to book. Once you’ve done that you can start anticipating a life on the ocean wave, and begin thinking about shopping for those outfits you’ll wear when dining at the captain’s table!

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Voyage Privé offers many cruise packages in Europe to discover magnificent countries. Go to the Mediterranean Sea, Venice, Croatia or Italy.

If you prefer to leave Europe and discover the world, choose one of our cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Asia or South Africa for example!

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