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Last Minute Family Holidays in Greece

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Last minute family holidays in Greece

Why travel to Greece?

There are so many reasons to visit Greece, there simply isn't space to list them all here. Often referred to as the cradle of Western civilisation, Greece is an ancient country, and its history is littered with great writers and philosophers. Greece is also a beautiful country of sunlight and colour, and its Aegean Islands have been a favourite tourist destination for many years.

The Voyage Privé travel expert's opinion on last minute travel to Greece

The country's most popular holiday islands lie scattered off the coast of mainland Greece in the beautiful Aegean Sea. Each has a character all of its own, making any one of them the perfect destination for last minute family holidays. Visitors can enjoy a quiet, relaxing break, or get involved in as many activities as they like. On a Greek island, everything is possible.

The top 5 things to see or do in Greece

1. Relax

The pace of life on a Greek island is slow and calm, and it's rare to see people in a rush. It's the perfect place to kick back and relax, soak up the sun, and listen to the sound of the blue Aegean Sea lapping against the shore. Later, you can join the bustling nightlife with your batteries re-charged.

2. Enjoy the water

The sea around the Greek Islands is incredibly inviting, and few people visit without spending quite a bit of time in it. There are plenty of organised activities on offer, too, from kayaking and diving to jet skis and parasailing. And if all that's too energetic, you can always take a relaxing boat trip to some secluded beaches.

3. Sample the cuisine

The culture of eating out in Greece dates right back to ancient times, and Greek restaurants are popular all over the world. Visitors wanting to sample some traditional Greek cuisine will be well catered for in the holiday island resorts. And if the kids aren't keen, there are always plenty of other options on offer.

4. Uncover the history

According to legend the harbour at Rhodes was the site of the giant statue known as the Colossus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The truth is, the Greek Islands are littered with such sites of historical interest. Visiting them as a family is not only fun, but a great way to bring history to life for the kids.

5. Explore the landscape

The Greek Islands offer travellers a stunning natural landscape to explore. From secluded coves and hidden caves to magnificent mountains and green forests, these wonderful islands have got it all. Some of the best walks can be found on Crete, Kefalonia and Corfu.

What hotels to choose for last minute family holidays


New Aqua Hotel 5*

The island of Zante is renowned for its dramatic landscapes and fabulous beaches, and this family-friendly hotel is the perfect base from which to discover them. It's located in the peaceful resort area of Tsilivi, known for its exceptional golden beach and bustling cafés and restaurants. A famous 1980 shipwreck on the secluded Navagio beach is a popular trip, accessible only by boat.


Kresten Royal Villas and Spa 5*

Travellers have been visiting the island of Rhodes since ancient times, and its medieval old town is a UNESCO world heritage site. At the luxurious Kresten Royal Villas you will enjoy five-star service and all the amenities you would expect, including pools, fountains, restaurants, sports facilities and a spa. Rhodes Town is a fascinating place to visit for families interested in history.


Mykonos Princess 5*

Just 5 minutes walk from the golden sand and crystal clear water of Agios Stefanos beach, this award-winning hotel is a haven of style and sophistication. With stunning sea views, the hotel is only 4km from Mykonos Town, the island's lively cosmopolitan capital. Contemporary design and a relaxing atmosphere make this the ideal setting for last minute family holidays.


Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites 5*

Like many of the islands, Crete has a long and illustrious history, dating back to the ancient Minoans in around 3000 BC. If history isn't your thing, this largest of the Greek Islands has no shortage of other attractions. These include glorious beaches, spectacular mountainscapes, fascinating towns and a rich gastronomic culture. The beautiful and bustling Venetian town of Chania has remained unaltered for hundreds of years and is well worth a visit.


Grecotel LUXME Daphnila Bay Dassia 4*

Set on a hillside with a view of the beach, this all-inclusive hotel is the perfect setting from which to soak up the pleasures of Corfu. Guests can enjoy the island's natural beauty, clear blue waters and stunning views. Discover the bustling ambience and history of Corfu Town, where you can walk in the footsteps of the famous Durrell family.

Practical information about last minute family holidays in Greece

What is the weather like?

You are unlikely to require a raincoat and warm clothing when visiting the Greek Islands, but you may need extra swimming gear. That holds true for most of the year, though wintertime is cooler, and the coldest month is usually January. The weather in mid-winter can be grey and wet, but there's always a warm welcome at the islands' cafés and tavernas. During the summer months, rain is rare and blue skies are generally the order of the day, though islands in the Cyclades can get breezy.

What budget to plan

As with holidays anywhere, what kind of budget you need to plan will depend on what you intend to do when you get there. Some families prefer to keep costs down by finding less expensive restaurants, but if you're planning to visit some high-end establishments your budget will need to reflect that. Some of the bigger towns have a lot of interesting shops and stores, so if you're looking to take home any clothes or souvenirs you'll need to factor that in, too. If airport transfers aren't included, make sure you budget for that as well. If you book online with Voyage Privé, all the information you need will be provided.

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