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Discover the global centre of luxury, Dubai, with the most luxurious travel on offer. Dubai is renowned for its richness, culture, and stunning setting.

Jump into the height of luxury: a unique experience

InterContinental Dubai Marina 5*

As the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is perhaps best known for its links with celebrity and prestige. Favoured by the stars and a hub of enterprise and wealth, Dubai is home to billionaire businessmen, international footballers and movie stars, music legends and retired politicians - as well as plenty of home-grown wealth. As you might expect, the city of Dubai is extravagant and luxurious - filled with high end delights and treats for locals and visitors alike.

Get a feel for the celebrity lifestyle

Above all else, Dubai is known as the home of shopping. Whether you love to find unique designer items, or you are a bargain hunter at heart, the city's malls and boutiques draw travellers from all over the world. Visitors can experience the world's largest shopping centre, or seek out local goods and crafts on the street market stalls. However, there is more to Dubai than just retail. Dubai houses its own UNESCO World Heritage Site in Dubai Creek, and evidence of Middle Eastern history is everywhere when you examine the architecture and natural setting of the city.

As such a luxurious and elegant destination, Dubai is one of the top trending places for honeymooning couples. The stunning beaches and all-inclusive resorts make this a great place to catch some sun and enjoy a swim. Dubai has a beautiful natural coastline which contrasts dramatically with its towering city skyscrapers. This modern, cutting-edge destination is surely a top pick for your next exotic getaway.

Make your Middle Eastern time in the sun unforgettable

Dubai is home to a selection of luxury four and five star resorts - perfect for that once-in-a-lifetime trip with memories you will never forget. The area surrounding Dubai has so much to offer travellers. From gorgeous white sand beaches to dusty deserts and high mountains, the landscapes of Dubai are simply unforgettable. See the city by air, train, boat or on foot - Dubai is a diverse and exciting place to explore.

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