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Cornwall: ancient coastal kingdom of mystery and beauty

Cornwall – the ancient Celtic kingdom of the Cornovii – is Britain’s most westerly outpost, fronting the Atlantic Ocean with a spectacularly wild coastline that contrasts sharply with serene sandy beaches widely regarded as some of the country’s finest. The county’s past successes may have been built on world-famous local industries – fishing and mining among them – that have declined and disappeared, but the mysterious traditions of this historic kingdom linger in the seafront restaurants, ancient castles and centuries-old bridleways that wind their way through the breath-taking countryside.

But Cornwall, despite its laid-back culture and traditional villages, is not untouched by the modern age, as the futuristic domes of the Eden Project demonstrate. Whether you crave adrenalin-fuelled activities, perfect peace and relaxation or an unforgettable family-friendly stay, Cornwall seamlessly blends its ancient heritage with the 21st century, making it a holiday destination guaranteed to inspire.

An awe-inspiring landscape

No holiday to Cornwall would be complete without taking in the stunning scenery. Take a gentle stroll along some of Cornwall’s 300 miles of rugged coastline and you’ll be following the paths that generations of visitors and residents have enjoyed since the fourth century BC when locals at Belerion (now Land’s End) extracted tin from beneath the Cornish landscape to trade with foreign merchants arriving on the shores. The tin ore may have been exhausted, but the breath-taking landscape still draws visitors in their hordes, some of whom visit Cornwall to surf and bodyboard on the wild seas of the Atlantic alongside the seals and basking sharks.

For those seeking less adventurous pursuits, a coastal hike is an unforgettable experience, with wildflower meadows bordering sheer cliffs and sandy dunes, while the often-deserted beaches are a haven for children who love to explore the rock pools after the tide has retreated. It isn’t difficult to understand why, for centuries, artists, poets and sculptors have flocked to Cornwall to be inspired by its beauty.

A land of myth and mystery

Cornwall is, of course, the land of Arthur, the sense of mystery no more apparent than at Tintagel Castle, reputedly the birthplace of the legendary king (and Merlin’s Cave lies close by too). This most atmospheric of castles – arguably one of England’s most impressive forts – crowns the top of a rocky precipice, fully exposed to the Atlantic weather, making one wonder how exactly Tintagel Castle has remained unmoved for the best part of eight centuries. However, legends don’t stop at Tintagel. A trip along the granite causeway to St Michael’s Mount, where legend has it a giant once walked, will propel you into a timeless community where stunning views from the castle turrets, freshly cooked seafood in local restaurants and a riot of colours and fragrances in the tropical gardens await.

Cornwall is simply an unmissable British destination unlike any other. Whether you enjoy a weekend break or an extended stay, our handpicked luxury hotels will guarantee you a great deal. Sign up today to browse our offers on holidays to Cornwall and further afield or to be notified of upcoming deals.

FAQ Holidays Cornwall

The Park is a collection of charming restored properties, each with a unique atmosphere and design. The one in Tewynn is hidden in the heart of a large garden, with large bedrooms, a cosy balcony and is located a few minutes from the beach of Mawgan Porth. St Michael's Hotel & Spa 4* is located on the beautiful Cornwall coast. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast, a tennis court, an indoor swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, a spa with sauna and a fitness centre.

Cornwall is full of places to visit: steep coasts, natural parks, small fishing villages.... We particularly recommend you to visit St Ives, an old fishing port that has become a quiet seaside resort.

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We recommend you to explore Cornwall between June and August. You can also go there in May and September for a mild climate. Between November and March, the weather is cold and quite rainy.

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