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Enjoy luxury holidays to Sardinia and discover great beaches and the best of Italian culture and cuisine on a tranquil island hideaway.

Beat the crowds in a peaceful holiday to Sardinia

Sardinia is a lush and tranquil Mediterranean island nestled between Italian Sicily and French Corsica. It is an autonomous region of Italy and the Italian influence is everywhere, from the excellent Sardinian wines to the plentiful pasta to the terracotta-roofed buildings in the hilltop towns. And the beaches are sublime: from the glitzy Costa Smeralda on the North-East coast, to the unspoilt charm of Costa Rei in the South, the sea is glittering azure and the sand is pearly white.

Find the best beaches

There are countless unnamed coves to explore during your holiday to Sardinia, as well as popular beaches where the swathes of golden or white sands are a magnet to tourists and locals alike. But it isn’t hard to find a spot to yourself. In pretty Chia, the crescents of powdery sands are backed by sand dunes for a sheltered feel, while on the West of the island is the Sinis peninsula, which is quiet and family friendly. But if it’s Beverly Hills-style glamour and glitz you’re after, you can’t beat the Costa Smeralda (emerald coast) for its five-star hotels, high-end boutiques and bars populated by the beautiful people.

Sample the local cuisine

Sardinia is known for its spicy fish soups, loaded with just-caught lobster, crab, clams and sardines, as well as rustic sheep and goats cheese like Pecorino. Meat eaters will love the roasted suckling pig – a local speciality – and, of course, this being an Italian island, the pasta is hard to beat. Each region of Italy has its own pasta shape and in Sardinia it’s malloreddus, an elongated curved shell-like shape that’s often served with sausage and saffron. Beautiful food that you will be able to sample during your holiday to Sardinia

Explore the island

The rugged interior is more mountainous than you might expect, with craggy moon-like landscapes scattered with huge granite monoliths, isolated villages in verdant valleys and breath-taking rocky gorges. The capital city, Cagliari, is a lively place with great cafés and restaurants as well as an impressive hilltop citadel, while Alghero, in the north of the island, is a historic town with medieval churches, winding streets and craft shops.

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