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Immerse yourself in the beauty of European culture with holidays to Lisbon

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Discover where to stay in Lisbon and immerse yourself in the fantastically warm climate, diverse array of art and cultural exhibits and world renowned restaurants; book unique and luxurious accommodation with Voyage Prive.

Go on an architectural journey through time

Lisbon has long been famed for its fine display of European architectural masterpieces ranging back hundreds of years. The Torre de Belém, which guards Lisbon’s harbour, is now a UNESCO world heritage site with its stunning gothic stonework first constructed in the 1500’s. When on holidays to Lisbon, many would consider it sacrilege to fail to visit Igreja de São Vicente de Fora, which holds a rich and vibrant history dating all the way back to 1147 when Portugal’s first ever king, Afonso Henriques, secured Lisbon under his control.

Explore culinary excellence

Due to its perfect location in the Mediterranean, Lisbon has become well famed for its delightful array of fresh seafood on offer. There are places to dine that serve all budgets, but if you're celebrating a special occasion, there are plenty of world class restaurants available. On holidays to Lisbon, you can spend long evenings enjoying culinary excellence whilst gazing out across the Mediterranean Sea and dream of things to come.

Soak up the sun

Again, Lisbon perfectly displays its ability to suit all manner of visitors by offering beaches suited to a wide range of different needs. With just a short journey on public transport, you can find beautiful sandy beaches with crystal clear waters which allow you to relax in peace in the gorgeous sun. Alternatively, find yourself a surfboard and head to one of the best surf spots the Mediterranean has to offer. With four very different coastlines to choose from, holidays to Lisbon offer something for everybody and there are plenty of places to dine and drink throughout the day.

With such a beautiful array of places to explore and sun to enjoy, it’s no wonder Lisbon is one of the hottest European capitals around and books up well in advance. By signing up with us, you can get exclusive access to flash deals and offers that could see you quickly and affordably whisked off to Portugal to indulge yourself on what is on offer. These exceptional discounts change every week and are only on offer for a short time, so sign up today to avoid missing out on travelling to your ideal holiday destinations.

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