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Enjoy luxury holidays to Paris with Voyage Prive and enjoy the culture and romance of this European metropolis. Book online today.

A city for everyone

Picture Paris. The first thought in your mind may well be one of the iconic sights – perhaps the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame? But there is a lot more to a holiday in Paris than just sightseeing. Of course, that's a fantastic part of any trip to the French capital – and our incredible offers can help you find a luxury hotel that's perfectly placed to allow you to explore all the key cultural sights in this fantastic city. As well as the amazing monuments and museums, Paris is a great holiday destination to experience European culture; from culinary masterpieces to world-class ballet, there is so much to explore.

Family fun in France

Although Paris has always been a popular destination for couples, it is also becoming increasingly popular with families. With art, museums, music, parks and a bustling shopping district, Paris has something to keep the whole family happy. In particular, it offers easy access to the incredibly popular Disneyland resort, a surefire winner for young families. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from – from gourmet Michelin-starred eateries, to family-friendly fast food chains. Whenever you visit, be sure to make the most of the fresh Parisian bread, pastries, cheese and wine to get an authentic French experience.

Of course, a highlight for any family will be visiting the famous landmarks. A great place to start is in the Champs Elysées district, which includes a wonderful range of famous sights. Why not take in the Louvre gallery– and see Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, before strolling along Place de la Concorde? Take in the beauty of the Champs Elysées, before heading on towards the Arc de Triomphe, the monument remembering those who fought in the Napoleonic and French Revolutionary Wars.

Enjoy the wilder side

Couples can enjoy a romantic stay in one of the beautiful boutique hotels of the La Marais district, with its cobbled streets and historic buildings. Or if you prefer a more adventurous stay, try Pigalle – famous for its nightlife, and, among other things, the Moulin Rouge cabaret club, the inspiration for the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name.

So, whether you're looking for a quick and easy mini-break, a romantic couple’s getaway, or a family holiday – Paris is the perfect destination. Sign up now to find out more about the exclusive offers we are able to bring you, from hand-picked luxury hotels across Paris. Make sure your holiday is something special, with our amazing selection of four and five star accommodation, all at incredible prices!

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