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Find great deals to Cascais online with Voyage Prive; explore this magnificent town and experience the wonderful beaches and the splendour of the Serra de Sintra National Park.

The beautiful beaches of Cascais

Cascais, a charming Portuguese coastal town on the western coast of Lisbon, combines a rich history with wonderful beaches and a friendly, social atmosphere. It became firmly established as an upmarket holiday destination after King Fernando II of Portugal (1816-1885) made Cascais the location for his summer retreat. Today, the beautiful beaches that the royal party loved so much remain unchanged, as clean and fresh as they were in the 19th century. The sense of luxury continues, with many of Lisbon’s high society and famous people living in Cascais.

When looking for great deals to Cascais, you'll see that there are two different aspects to the beaches. To the north of the coast are the more remote surfing beaches, while the family-friendly beaches are located in the east. Guincho beach is one of the region's finest surfing beaches, set amidst the splendour of Serra de Sintra Natural Park. The popular beaches for sunbathing and relaxing include Carcavelos and São Pedro, which are a haven for visitors who enjoy hot, sunny weather and miles of white sand. There are also pleasant coastal walks along the beach promenade, or along the cliffs.

Serra de Sintra National Park

Cabo da Roca is one of the most spectacular locations in the natural park, its cliffs rising up around 100 metres above sea level. Visitors can walk the trail to Cabo da Roca to enjoy breath-taking views. If you're interested in geology, visit the famous fossil dunes in Magoito and Oitavos, the fields of calcareous stone and the "living" cliff where a picturesque village has been constructed in Azenhas do Mar. UNESCO has classified Serra de Sintra National Park as a world heritage site in recognition of its cultural landscapes.

Cascais' hotels and cuisine

There are a number of excellent restaurants to sample, where diners can enjoy a rich selection of fish dishes with locally-caught fish. The region is renowned for sea bass, sole, sea bream and more than 100 different varieties of dried cod, known locally as bacalhau. There are also some excellent vegetarian dishes, such as bean and vegetable soup. You can also sample a local delicacy called travesseiros, a sweet puff pastry dish; queijadas de Sintra, a thin pastry case filled with sugar, egg, cheese and cinnamon; and pasteis de nata, the sweet egg custard tarts.

The hotels in and around Cascais, known as Portugal's Riviera retreat, are luxurious and attract an upmarket clientele. If you're a golf enthusiast, there's a golf course resort with luxury hotel nestling on the edge of the national park. There are similar high-quality hotels dotted along the seafront, including prime examples of traditional five-star elegance. If you're looking for handpicked great deals to Cascais, sign up today to take advantage of our luxury hotels, offering exceptional discounts and exclusive prices.

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