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The 10 Best City Breaks In Europe

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European holidays offer enormous diversity, with the North, South, East, and West of the continent varying hugely. Whether you wish for a sunny beach holiday on the Mediterranean, a city break, or an outdoor retreat in the mountains, there are trips suited to every need, right on our doorstep. Our members benefit from unique offers on hotels in a range of exciting locations, so sign up today to receive these fabulous deals.

Short breaks in the City of Light

Paris holds a unique place in the imagination of the world: a city of world class architecture, fashion, cuisine and art, all rolled into one romantic package. As such, there is no greater location for a short getaway, one that can offer a perfect mixture of culture and relaxation in a short, accessible amount of time. Whether you want to take a boat trip on the Seine and witness the shimmering displays from the Eiffel Tower and the magisterial beauty of Notre Dame, or simply want to wander to Montmartre and explore its bars and restaurants, a trip to Paris is the ultimate in romantic trips, and you can get exclusive offers on the city's best hotels by signing up today.

Outdoor fun in Bavaria

Germany's state of Bavaria offers unique German and Alpine culture and history alongside opportunities to trek, swim and cycle in its beautiful countryside. A stay in Berchtesgaden will combine luxurious accommodation with imposing, beautiful mountains for you to explore, as well as short journeys to nearby Salzburg and Munich. There are fantastic, crystal lakes to swim in, mountains to hike and traditional Bavarian culture to take in, with plenty of strussel, wurst and pilsner for the adults. A perfect family holiday.

Exploring the history of Bruges

Located a relatively short drive or ferry away from the southern and eastern coasts of Britain lies the historic city of Bruges, known for its fairytale architecture, canals and university. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bruges offers a unique and calming trip away, one in which it is impossible not to lose yourself in its charming, winding streets and ornate bridges. Sample some Belgian beer and chocolate for a truly authentic experience.

With a wealth of superb options for any European holiday, sign up today to receive our unique deals. There's so much to explore in Europe, so why not make your trip a luxury experience with us?

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