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Enjoy luxury holidays to Israel with Voyage Prive and discover fantastic cities and a varied landscape that's rich in history; book online today.

Some of the world's most historic sites in a small area

Israel has a great deal to offer visitors, with a lot of different kinds of holiday available within this small country. There are many parts of this Mediterranean spot that are tranquil havens of culture, and make a wonderful choice for a luxury break. Despite its small footprint, the country spans a wide variety of landscapes, from Jerusalem's intense historical centre to Tel Aviv's hedonistic modern city. In the north you'll find green landscapes at Haifa and the artist's haven of Safed up in the hills. Further south you have the desert landscape that culminates in the weird and wonderful Dead Sea, where the water is so saline that your body bobs on the surface, and swimming is near impossible. The salty desert mud in the area is considered highly beneficial for the skin, and there are a number of spa resorts in this desert area. We have a selection of handpicked offers for the kind of Israel you want to experience - and at exceptional discounts.

Israel's big cities

Jerusalem is an intoxicating city ripe with history and culture. It has a selection of luxury hotels, many within easy reach of the historic old city and its atmospheric markets. Make sure to enjoy some street food while you're here - the falafel stands offer a choice of several dozen salads to fill your pita bread. Israel is a Mediterranean country so you can also enjoy local figs, grapes and an olive oil based cuisine with plenty of Middle Eastern influence.

Consider also a visit to lively Tel Aviv. A bustling modern city with a great beach, Tel Aviv can easily be compared to Rio in terms of its urban beach culture. With its hedonistic nightlife, Tel Aviv is far less stuffy than its near neighbour Jerusalem.

But many of the real delights of Israel are best experienced outside these two busy cities. Head north to the hills to see the attractive port town of Haifa with its beautiful gardens (a UNESCO world heritage site). Nearby Carmel National Park has caves where the remains of early man have been found. In the south you'll find the ancient Judean fortress of Masada; it's quite a climb up to the top but worth it for the desert views. Sign up with Voyage Prive today and find what Israel holidays we've hand-picked for you.

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