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From gazing at the spectacular Northern Lights to exploring Iceland's rich history on the Golden Circle tour, Reykjavik is a truly magical experience.

Experience the wonder of Reykjavik

Renowned for its steaming hot springs and rich Viking history, Reykjavik sits among truly awe-inspiring sea views and panoramic mountain vistas. With a population of just 120,000, Iceland's capital city is one of the smallest in Europe, which also makes for one of the friendliest and safest. Founded on a culture of fishing, Reykjavik offers a wide variety of seafood dishes freshly caught from the Atlantic shores. If you're feeling really daring, why not try the local favourite delicacy Harðfiskur, or, more commonly, dried fish? Our Reykjavik deals are ideal for couples looking for a completely unique experience.

Gaze at the Northern Lights

If you are visiting the city between September and April, make sure you take a night out to gaze up at the dancing Aurora Borealis. An extraordinary sight that will never be forgotten, the Northern Lights is a spectacular natural phenomenon created from charged energy erupting from the magnetic north pole. Hop on one of the nightly boat excursions to experience the spectacle at its most powerful as you ride the gentle waves, or take a short coach journey into the mountains.

Explore the rich environment of the Golden Circle

After the Northern Lights, take a trip out and discover the Golden Circle. Just a short journey outside of Reykjavik, the Golden Circle offers a fact-packed day exploring the history of Iceland, from its unique and extraordinary geography, to the island's very first parliament. On your tour across the magnificent stretches of mountain-ranges, you will witness the iconic waterfall Gullfoss. Located on the Hvítá River, fed by Iceland's second largest glacier, Gullfoss is an untouched natural wonder ingrained in Icelandic culture.

A short journey from Gullfoss are the Geysir Hot Springs. These hot springs are a great photo opportunity, but make sure not to get wet! Water explodes from the hot springs and shoots as high as 70 metres in the air. From there, you will make a final stop at þingvellir, the site of the first ever formal parliament, established in 930AD. This site is of great historical relevance and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Remnants of original buildings still remain from the inaugural parliament which gathered annually.

Reykjavik is a vibrant and lively city which has so much to offer throughout the year. Whether you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, or an action-packed thrill journey, our great deals on exclusive city hotels are handpicked with great discounts and will ensure your holiday is unforgettable.

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