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Rome holidays let you turn back time

Enjoy luxury holidays to Rome with Voyage Prive and discover the cultural heritage of an Empire while savouring the diversity of culinary experiences on offer; book online today.

The joys of getting lost

They say all roads lead to Rome, and once you've experienced its beauty, diversity and history you will hope this is true. Rome is a cultural goldmine, the capital of Italy and home to the smallest country in the world, Vatican City. Wandering its streets, it's hard not to be captivated by the juxtaposition of old and new: a modern fast food restaurant housed in an ancient building or the magical Fountain of Trevi just yards from a full-service laundry. Like a good wine, Rome, despite its often frantic pace, was made to be savoured. Part of its charm is getting lost in its streets, wandering until you stumble on to a remnant of its glorious past or need an espresso pick-me-up to fuel your next wander.

One for the history books

The must-see destinations in the city are steeped in history. The Roman Colosseum, where gladiators once battled exotic beasts, stands as a reminder of humanity’s fascination with sport and violence. The stones are soaked in the blood of those who are almost forgotten. From there the Roman Forum beckons. It houses the ruins of a number of important ancient government buildings that once stood at the centre of the city. The iconic Spanish Steps are always crowded with people, some selling flowers, a throwback to when a flower market used to be nearby. There are so many Roman sights and experiences to take in that you could spend weeks there and never exhaust them all.

Claiming your culinary adventure

You can’t go to Rome without sampling the cuisine. From the sidewalk cafes to the full-service restaurants offering pasta delights and a taste of Italy’s culinary diversity, your taste buds will be enraptured by all that the Italian capital has to offer. While traditional Roman dishes like amatriciana and carbonara are always on the menu, the capital’s chefs draw on inspiration from across Italy and indeed the world. Italian meals are meant to be enjoyed over time, with many courses to satisfy every taste and coffee to finish it all off. Discover our beach holidays destinations where you may find wonderful cuisine.

Whether you are looking for a romantic Roman getaway or a relaxed family vacation taking in the cultural sights, our exclusive range of hotel offers will ensure that you land the best deal at a discounted price.

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