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Set at an exotic crossroads between east and west, Istanbul offers a kaleidoscope of culture for the discerning traveller.

Encounter a city steeped in history and colour

Like Venice, Istanbul is a city surrounded by the sea. The glittering thread of the Golden Horn waterway bisects the northern segment of the city, and the rhythms of the sea dictate much of its pulsating life. Reachable from northern Europe in well under four hours' flying time, we can offer great Istanbul deals for those seeking an exceptional travel experience on a short break or longer stay.

Whether you're strolling through the walkways of the ancient Grand Bazaar, taking a ferry ride through the Bosphorus or exploring the islands of the Sea of Marmara, there's something here for everyone to savour, as well as a multitude of great deals on offer.

A city as old as time

Part of the magic of Istanbul is also its architecture - and with many remnants of the city dating back to pre-Roman times you're never far from the shadow of history. Istanbul holiday offers frequently include the chance to stay at a luxury hotel in the heart of Sultanahmet and the "old" city, where architectural gems such as the fabled Topkapi Palace and Blue Mosque are found. The heart of Istanbul is ideally explored by foot, but for more extensive trips the ferries that circulate between the north and south shore open up the entire span of the city to view.

Istanbul boasts a wealth of luxury hotels, ranging in style from state-of-the art modern palaces to the more traditional Ottoman era mansions clustered along the Bosphorus Waterway. Despite the luxury on offer, there are always fantastic Istanbul holiday deals available.

A city bursting with life by day and night

During daylight you can explore the Grand Bazaar and its covered walkways, taking in as much as possible of its 3,000 shops. Or travel just a short distance to Istiklal, the sophisticated core of Istanbul with its array of elegant boutique stores. Once the sun has gone down there's a chance to discover Istanbul's highly varied nightlife, which offers a great choice of dance and music venues, from the more traditional authentic style to modern jazz, blues and rock.

Above all, Istanbul is a place to be relished, with Turkish top chefs and cuisine regarded as the very best in the world. So if you're looking for an exotic break, our handpicked offers on the top luxury hotels will always secure you a fantastic deal, with the maximum possible discount.

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