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Find great deals to Abu Dhabi online with Voyage Prive; explore this magnificent emirate and experience a holiday of ancient culture and modern sophistication.

Discover a city of timeless wonder in Abu Dhabi

Standing proud on the coast like a shining jewel, Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Famed worldwide for its wonders both natural and man-made, this is a city of culture, hospitality and luxury; Abu Dhabi is like an oasis in the desert. Visitors to the city are often wowed by the contrasts of this unique location. The bustling streets contain charming Arabic markets and purveyors of authentic cuisine, while the central districts are dominated by gleaming spires of glass and steel, such as the iconic and aptly-named tower, The Landmark. History and culture are resplendent in Abu Dhabi, alongside stunning modernism and development.

See breath-taking landmarks with Abu Dhabi deals

Abu Dhabi is famed for several amazing vistas. The previously mentioned Landmark tower is the second tallest in the city, at 324 metres tall, with 72 floors above ground. For something a little less giddying but no less grand, visitors flock to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. This monumental temple is staggeringly opulent and peaceful, featuring gentle white domes and fixtures of marble and gold.

Take advantage of our handpicked offers to explore Abi Dhabi, where you can see marvellous natural wonders alongside the cutting edge architecture. The city has several perfectly maintained parks and an extensive, golden waterfront. Sitting right on the water, this city provides views that few can rival. The hot desert climate reaches 42 degrees Celsius (107 Fahrenheit) and more in summer, making for a truly exotic experience!

Activities for everyone in Abu Dhabi

Thanks to our exclusive prices, the whole family can find something to enjoy in Abu Dhabi. Children and big kids alike will be awestruck by Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster at Ferrari World! Want to take the reins? Take a ride on the sands with sand skiing in the desert. You can even zoom along the coastline in a speedboat tour, to cool you down in the hot sun.

Those who prefer a calmer pace will enjoy the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, an educational activity where these magnificent birds of prey are treated and protected. Take a stroll through Al Ain’s oases to take in some natural beauty, or visit the city’s authentic Bedouin houses on display at the Heritage Village. There’s a world of rich culture waiting for you in this city of amazing contrasts.

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