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Barcelone City Breaks 2024

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Planning your next city break to Barcelona? Be inspired and find great deals on luxury weekend getaways to this iconic cultural hub at Voyage Prive.

Enjoy thrilling getaways with action-packed Barcelona breaks

Barcelona is one of Europe's most popular destinations for short breaks, which is no surprise considering the variety of attractions on offer. The city has a charming artistic quality thanks to the many influences of Gaudi, combined with a contemporary atmosphere. Add in the benefits of a Mediterranean climate and you've a city that many people love to visit for long weekends or other getaways.

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City breaks in Barcelona are particularly popular as staying for a few days is regarded as the ideal time to sample the delights that the destination has to offer. There's plenty to keep you entertained, but much of it is condensed in the city centre and the key attractions can be enjoyed within a relatively short time span leaving ample opportunity to relax.

The must-see sights of Barcelona

If you're interested in holidays in Barcelona then you cannot afford to miss the architectural delights of Gaudi that are weaved throughout the city. The most renowned is of course La Sagrada Familia. This famously unfinished church dominates the city skyline, and despite not being complete is one of the most beautiful structures in the world. It is decorated with many ornate intricacies that leave visitors in wonder. Yet you must also look into his other works in the city beyond the church, with Parc Guell in particular another striking example of his style.

However, if you're more inclined to relaxing than revisiting historic wonders, you'll be pleased to discover that Barcelona is a fantastic city for beach breaks. The sands stretch along the pleasant Mediterranean coastline with a relaxed ambience perfect for gentle walks or sunbathing. During peak seasons in the summer months the beaches will get busy but you shouldn't have a problem finding a place to unwind.

Sampling the culinary delights and vibrant nightlife

Many people enjoy city breaks in Barcelona based purely on the excellent bars and restaurants, opting to forego sightseeing in favour of tapas, cocktails and music. Las Ramblas is the most well-known street in Barcelona for places to eat and drink and it is definitely worthy of a visit. Explore further out from Las Ramblas and you'll find plenty of tapas bars along with more authentic Catalan seafood venues.

If you're interested in booking Barcelona breaks then our selection of luxury hotels will be just what you're looking for. Take advantage of our exclusive prices to secure your weekend getaways in Barcelona now.

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5 things to see/do in Barcelona

1. Visit the Catedral de Barcelona

This catholic cathedral has a giant gothic temple with narrow lanes and matchbox shops. It was built around 2,000 years ago. During this time, Barcelona was called Barcino. Today, the cathedral's official name is Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia.

2. Head to La Boqueria

This is one of Barcelona's oldest markets. It was built in 1217 and has remained one of Barcelona's favourite markets that sell meat. It has more than 200 very colourful stands and serves mouth-watering delicacies. Primarily, traders here sell fresh fish, either fried or ready to cook.

3. See the Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum showcases the work of the world-renowned painter who only moved to Barcelona at the age of 14. This museum has Gothic Archways and a courtyard, which are all beautifully crafted. The rooms are lavish and have epic painted ceilings and crystal chandeliers.

4. Santa Maria del Mar

The Santa Maria del Mar is a local church with a strange history dating back to 1428. In 1428, it was shaken by an earthquake and, in 1936, was set ablaze and burned for eleven days straight. It is an exciting place to visit.

5. Barceloneta

These beaches of Barcelona invite you to walk barefoot in the sand and experience the cooling breeze or look at the gold sculpture of a fish designed by Frank Gehry.

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The best hotels for a weekend in Barcelona

1. ZT The Golden Hotel Barcelona

This four-star facility in Barcelona provides accommodation for all guests looking to relax and unwind for a weekend in Spain. Here, you will be treated to well-equipped rooms, delicious meals, a rooftop pool, and lovingly designed common areas ideal for your stay. That is not all; there are also numerous sights and treasures nearby, including La Sagrada Família and more attractions worth visiting. All our members are treated to a Standard Room and daily breakfast. There is also a modern restaurant called "The Seventh Heaven", which serves international cuisines. Here, you will also find a café and bar.

2. Hesperia Barcelona Presidente 4*

Located just a 12-minute walk away from Passeig de Gràcia, Hotel Hesperia Barcelona is an ideal setting perfect for exploring the city of Barcelona. It is located in the city centre, right in the heart of the Diagonal District. Whatever your plan is for Barcelona, this hotel puts everything within reach. If you are on leisure or business, this hotel provides the necessary facilities suitable for you. The rooms are decorated by the famous designer Pascua Ortega. This hotel will tailor its amenities to suit your needs. The Hotel Hesperia Barcelona also has a restaurant known as "The Essence Restaurant", famous for using only fresh produce as ingredients for the dishes.

3. Ilunion Bel Art 4*

Located right in the heart of Barcelona is the Ilunion Bel Art Hotel. This is a modern four-star establishment founded by the Sagrada Familia and Sant Pau Hospital. It is a contemporary haven with 94 bedrooms and offers free Wi-Fi and a complimentary water bottle for all guests. In the hotel, you will get to enjoy a dip in the swimming pool, or you can treat yourself at the spa. All Voyage Privé members will be staying in a Standard Room and have a healthy start to each day with a delicious buffet-style breakfast. The restaurant here also offers healthy options for its guests.

Plan your weekend break in Barcelona

The best time of the year to go to Barcelona

Spring, from March to May, is the ideal time to visit Barcelona. During this time, the temperature is moderate and suitable for swimming, sunbathing and other outdoor activities. In addition, during this time, there are fewer crowds. Thus, you can enjoy more privacy as you take a romantic stroll down the beach or visit other attractions of your choice. Autumn, from September to November, is also considered an ideal time to visit Barcelona.

Going to Barcelona at the weekend

The UK is an hour behind Barcelona. Thus, jetlag will not be an issue if you visit Spain and flight times are short, which means you get more time to enjoy the destination. Transport infrastructure is good in Spain and there are various flights to Barcelona from all the main airports in the UK. El Prat Airport is just 15 km southwest of the city. Once in Barcelona, you can use private shuttles, taxis or self-drive options to get to your destination.

Where to eat - the best districts and restaurants

Barcelona is a food hub. You will find local and international cuisines in many spots. The Raval District serves all the best local delicacies from freshly produced ingredients. San Antoni is also another district that offers excellent food and local brews ideal for a weekend with family and friends.

Nightlife in Barcelona

When it comes to nightlife, Barcelona does not shy away. The Old Town district in Barcelona plays home to some of the best nightclubs. There are also street performers early in the evening, and pavements throng with locals and tourists heading for drinks and looking to have a good time.

Our practical advice for a weekend in Barcelona

What to pack for a weekend in Barcelona

During a weekend in Barcelona, do not forget to pack phone chargers, an umbrella, sunscreen, swimming gear, seasonal clothing, comfortable shoes and official identification documents.

What budget to plan

Barcelona is a great place to visit. However, if you are only headed there for a weekend, you may only carry some money for additional expenses. If you are on an all-inclusive plan, you may save some money. Nonetheless, for an unforgettable and affordable trip to Barcelona, book your trip with Voyage Privé and get discounts of up to 70% on trips.

Useful information before going to Barcelona

Barcelona has two official languages; Spanish and Catalan. Many locals are fluent in both languages, in addition to English. While it is easy to communicate in English in Barcelona, a phrase book can be helpful.

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Barcelone City Breaks 2024, customer reviews

Hotel Miramar Barcelona (Barcelona - Spain)

Customers testify
Very nice hotel on upper Barcelona, ??open view, spacious and beautifully made. Attentive staff, very nice spa ... I go back with eyes closed.
Reviewed on 2012-02-22 10:48:50 Nat P, travelled as a couple
The location on the hills above Barcelona close to Montjuic Park and 10 minutes walk from the subway. Buffet breakfast excellent and comfortable rooms at the appointment.
Reviewed on 2012-04-02 12:05:48 Marcel S, travelled as a couple
Beautiful comfortable and spacious room, very nice bathroom (except moisture problems in the shower ceiling), a magical view of Barcelona, ??a very nice and competent staff.
Reviewed on 2012-01-06 12:07:14 Elisabeth C, travelled as a couple
The hotel is beautiful. The room with private terrace has filled us! The SPA and pool regaled us in the evening after visiting Barcelona.
Reviewed on 2012-12-12 10:16:30 Audrey D, travelled as a couple
the setting is beautiful, spacious and ideally positioned rooms for rest and visit Barcelona
Reviewed on 2013-01-01 18:52:42 Dominique C, travelled between friends
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