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Marbella breaks in Spain's mecca for millionaires

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Planning a trip to Marbella? Be inspired and find great deals on luxury weekend getaways to this Spanish jewel at Voyage Prive.

Mixing with millionaires and royalty in Marbella.

Marbella has long been hailed as the crown in Spain's Costa del Sol. Its success as a luxury destination for high-end travellers dates back to the 1940s, when playboy prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe’s car broke down there – a Rolls Royce, of course – and he was so enchanted by the area's beauty that he began buying land locally. Within a few years, Marbella's first luxury hotel had opened and the little fishing village's future as a resort of choice began to take shape.

Now, travellers have the option of our handpicked offers at high-end hotels, at exclusive prices, allowing them to enjoy a luxury break like the multi-millionaires who helped establish Marbella's reputation as a destination for the super-wealthy, including both European and Arab royalty.

You want luxury? Welcome to Marbella's Golden Mile

For many people taking luxury holidays, the big attraction of Marbella is the ever-present opulence. Nowhere is this more obvious than the Puerto Banús marina, where even the Bugattis and Ferraris parked by the road are eclipsed by the luxury yachts in the world-famous marina. The shops in this area are equally high-end and, if you pop into a club for a late-night drink, there’s a fair chance you'll pay premium prices.

If you fancy a stroll, take a couple of hours to walk along the Golden Mile, which stretches between Puerto Banús and Orange Square, and is actually four miles long. This is one of the most exclusive stretches of real estate on the planet, an incredible mix of palaces, superstars' villas and landmark hotels.

The Old Town and the art of relaxation

If you reach Orange Square, prepare for a change of pace. It sits at the centre of the beautiful Old Town, or Casco Antiguo, which many tourists miss out on. This typically Andalucian square will allow you to indulge in luxury of a completely different sort: kick back, grab a coffee or wine in one of the many cafes and drink in the atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy boutiques and galleries, ancient architecture and a pace of life far removed from the opulent existence of the Golden Mile. On weekend breaks, this is the part of Marbella that will help you unwind.

Suitably relaxed by the Old Town, head south through La Alameda Park to the Avenida del Mar, which is home to a remarkable collection of sculptures by Salvador Dali. Other world-famous art can be viewed at the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Engravings, including works by Picasso and Miró, and at the Sammer Gallery, in Puerto Banús, one of the largest modern art galleries in Spain. If this all sounds glorious, then sign up with us – only Voyage Prive members can take advantage of our handpicked Marbella offers and exclusive prices.

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