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Discover the magic of Istanbul holidays

As a crossroads between continents and the centre of various empires throughout the ages, it is no surprise that Istanbul embodies a world of culture within its city limits. The Turkish capital is synonymous with exotic flavours, stunning architecture, labyrinthian bazaars, and a truly unmatched history. With this in mind it is no wonder the city ranks among the top tourist destinations in the world each and every year.

Cross the Bosphorus and visit two continents in one day

No other major city straddles two continents. Istanbul's incredible geography means you can easily have lunch in Europe and enjoy dinner in Asia. This is due to the remarkable Bosphorus Strait that bisects the Turkish capital as well as separates Europe from Asia Minor. While this status as a crossroads has influenced much of what makes Istanbul unique, there is still a thrill to be had in straddling the continents on your visit.

Discover the history of Istanbul

No two Istanbul holidays are the same. This bustling cosmopolitan city is almost overburdened with historical influences. Across the millennia Istanbul has acted as a hub for various civilisations such as the Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Persian, and Ottoman empires. This rich history has afforded the city a culture like no other, and nowhere is the better manifested than in the architecture.

See the Hagia Sofia for yourself

Turkey isn't short of beautiful buildings, but perhaps the most famous of all is the Hagia Sofia. This building in many ways represents a microcosm of Istanbul’s incredible history. Built as a Greek Orthodox Church, it lasted in this form for 1,000 years before being transformed into a mosque for another 500. The building now acts as a secular museum, but the building embodies the changing history of the country and remains a stunning example of Byzantine architecture.

Take in the splendour of the Blue Mosque

Another example of Istanbul’s architectural heritage is the Blue Mosque. Often described as the most beautiful building in the whole of Turkey, let alone its capital, the Blue Mosque is a must see destination for any tourist. The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, to give it its official title, is easily the most photographed building in the city and its minarets are a mainstay of its skyline.

Treat yourself to a holiday in Istanbul

This is just a glimpse at the experiences on offer with a trip to Istanbul. The cities is alive with culture, gastronomy, adventure and - of course - luxury hotels. Sign up today and browse our wonderful offers.

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