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Holidays to Parga, a Greek island on the mainland

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Activity, tranquillity and stunning scenery; holidays to Parga can fulfil every traveller's desire

Parga, a hidden treasure trove of holiday delights

The picturesque town of Parga is often affectionately described as a Greek island on the mainland, such is the serenity and beauty of its surroundings. This hidden gem of a destination is nestled behind the mountains of the north-western Preveza region, its colourful buildings set into the curved hillside to form an impressive, natural amphitheatre, overlooking a sweeping bay.

A firm favourite luxury holiday location for native Greeks as well as international visitors, holidays to Parga offer an ideal mixture of history, nature and leisure. The town boasts several beaches; the most beautiful in the region are all within easy reach, Valtos being particularly renowned for its vast expanse of soft sand and turquoise water. Everything from exhilarating water sports to secluded sunset walks can be enjoyed here.

Explore the history of Parga

The landscape of Parga is especially beautiful in the way its historical architecture blends into its natural surroundings. The remains of a Venetian Castle, dating back to the Middle Ages, stand on a hill above the town, attractively weathered and overgrown, yet with many fascinating original features still intact. Originally used as a fortress, the site is now a peaceful place to walk in the shade and admire incredible views of the town and shoreline. On a neighbouring hill, the well-preserved Turkish castle of Anthoussa is also well worth a visit. Much of Parga's general architecture resembles that of the nearby Ionian Islands (including Corfu), reflecting the island influence so apparent in the town's calm, laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy all of these during a holiday to Parga.

A taste of Parga

Having explored the gorgeous scenery and the town's many paved streets of excellent shops, museums, churches and monuments, it is likely you will have worked up quite an appetite. Happily, Parga is home to an abundance of traditional family-run seafood taverns and grill restaurants, some of which can be found right on the beach for a relaxing dining experience by the sea. Alternatively, the town's cosmopolitan nightlife offers an invigorating evening of the same delicious cuisine along with lively music and dancing.

Whether you are looking for an energising, active adventure in inspiring surroundings, a cultural experience in a historical setting, or a restful and luxurious escape to a Greek island paradise, holidays to Parga will help you reach your dream destination, and our handpicked offers and exceptional discounts will make it a reality.

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