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Holidays to Murcia

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Explore true Spanish culture in high luxury with our holidays to Murcia. This less visited Spanish region is the perfect destination for your next holiday; book online today.

Explore Spanish history with holidays in Murcia

Murcia is the beautiful capital of the region, and where it gets its name. As it is a university city, it is a city of amazing culture. There are a many fantastic galleries and museums for you to explore whilst on a holiday to Murcia, such as the beautiful Museo de la Sangre, a museum of religious art or the majestic Santa Clara Monastery and Museum.

In the centre of the city lies the historic Cathedral, a true masterpiece of Spanish architecture, with a baroque exterior and a fascinatingly Gothic interior. The Cathedral is complete with its own museum, allowing you to learn the history of this fascinating building. Equally beautiful is the Real Casino De Murcia, but don’t let its name fool you, this is no place for gambling, instead it is an impossibly grand mansion, library and exhibition hall and is a true institution of the city. In addition, the city is full of fantastic bars, restaurants, and cafes for you to enjoy.

Outside of the main city, the region is one of profound historic and cultural interest. As Murcia is a region less visited, it is uniquely Spanish and unspoiled. In the mountains, you can discover ancient towns and villages each with its own character. The region is also one of significant historical interest, this is encapsulated by the two-thousand-year-old Roman theater and museum in the coastal city of Cartagena. All of which you can enjoy during your holiday in Murcia.

Food and Drink for you holiday in Murcia

Murcia is one of the best wine regions in Spain and has its own delicious cuisine. As the region was once ruled by the moors, there is a strong Arabic influence to the food, yet at the same time, you can choose to enjoy fantastic contemporary cuisine from across the country. Also, the agricultural nature of Murcia makes it a true paradise for the vegetarian. As such, when you visit a restaurant you may well find yourself eating one of the local delicacies such as Arroz Al Caldero (cauldron cooked rice) with world class wine made only a few miles away in a local vineyard.

Described above is only a small sample of the incredible wealth of things to do and see in the region. From historic towns and cities to stunning windswept mountains, you can see it all while staying in the comfort of our expertly chosen range of hotels and resorts. All at unmatched prices exclusive to our members.

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