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Asia and Far East holidays offer luxury, culture and amazing scenery

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Enjoy luxury holidays to the Far East with Voyage Prive and discover the beautiful beaches, culture and wildlife that Asia has to offer; book online today.

Relax on untouched beaches

Far Eastern countries are synonymous with white sand and blue seas, and there are luxury breaks aplenty. Langkawi is the ultimate escape when it comes to tropical shores. The tranquil Datai Bay is a sight to behold and promises true relaxation. If it’s nature you’re looking for, then Borneo will delight you with its unspoiled beaches and unique species of plants and trees. You'll find some of the best dive sites in the world - look out for their famous blue flatworms and sea cucumbers!

For the ultimate in luxury, try the Thai royal family's favourite spot, Hua Hin. The resort on the Gulf of Thailand has white sand and outstanding facilities, and it's only three hours' drive from bustling Bangkok.

Go wildlife spotting

There’s an incredible amount of amazing wildlife to be seen in the Far East. The stunning scenery of the area around Nagano in Japan is mesmerising. Visit Jigokudani Park to watch the monkeys as they bathe in the hot springs! In China’s Shenzhen Safari Park you can see cheetahs, lions, pandas and more roaming around.

Cambodia offers up Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre where you can see the wonderful work they do with rescued elephants and tigers. Thailand has superb reefs around Koh Tao, also known as Turtle Island, where you’ll learn and see everything about the magnificent creatures. Papua New Guinea is a smorgasbord of animals and vegetation. Here you can spot the tree-kangaroo, and marvel at the scenic rainforests, mangroves and grasslands.

Indulge in Asian cuisine

Each country in the Far East has its own customs and characteristics, but the key to Asian cuisine is its distinct flavour and the enjoyment of food. In Eastern countries such as China, Japan and Korea, staple foods include rice, noodles, mung beans, soy beans and seafood, while in the south-east (Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand), there is a strong emphasis on lighter food with a strong aromatic component such as mint and coriander. Common ingredients include soy sauce, tamarind and lemon grass, and food is typically stir-fried, boiled or steamed.

Whether you’re looking for total relaxation on a white beach, or you want to sample the rich culture, cuisine and heritage of the Far East, there are lots of luxury deals to pick from. Become a member of Voyage Prive today to keep up-to-date with our exceptional offers and be notified of our upcoming sales.

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