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Weekends in Istanbul, city of two continents

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Those looking for unparalleled history, culture, cuisine and architecture in their short breaks need look no further than the glorious city of Istanbul. Once the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and instrumental in the rise of Christianity throughout Europe, the city was to be conquered by the Ottoman Empire and was the capital until the empire's collapse, thus earning a unique place in European and Asian history simultaneously. To visit Istanbul is to witness history and modernity simultaneously: its imposing buildings and natural harbour are at once old and new, merging ancient beauty with contemporary innovation and acting as a poignant mix of culture and continents. As you can imagine, there is plenty to see and we have exclusive deals on four and five star hotels to make your trip their all the more luxurious.

Taking in the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is considered to be the oldest shopping mall in the world, with construction beginning on the site in the thirteenth century. Containing over 4000 shops along its 61 covered streets, this is a must-see destination for any first-time visitor to the city: its crowds are testimony to its reputation. Expect all the trappings of a European and Asian medley, with tea, Turkish delight and olives jostling for dominance alongside fabrics, rugs and lanterns. A utterly fascinating location.

The bustling Beyoglu District

An area that has been long known for its European influence and bohemian nature, the Beyoglu of today is somewhat more gentrified, though it is nonetheless an important part of Istanbul and its unique culture. A range of fantastic bars, restaurants and patisseries await you and your trip to the area, as well as book shops, galleries and cinemas, and the area is perfect for whiling away a relaxed afternoon after a morning visit to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Grand Bazaar to avoid the crowds.

Staying in luxury

Hotels in Istanbul are best chosen depending on what you want from your trip: find out where you would like to visit and plan for a hotel that has good access to it. You can stay in affordable and luxurious surroundings by signing up to our unique and exclusive deals on hotels, which will suit any need. One of the world's most fascinating cities awaits you.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in to the outstanding vibrancy of Istanbul's culture and discover all it has to offer. Join us today for exclusive deals and experience your new favourite city in the most luxurious way.

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