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Two continents and one city

Istanbul is a real one off, and the only city in the world that straddles two continents. It’s a bustling, vibrant city full of character, with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia. Some say that the city is where east meets west, while others believe that it’s more enchanting to witness the way old meets new. The city thrives on a strange combination of history and innovation; office towers and malls competing with historic towers and cobbled streets. In our opinion, it’s a city that’s not to be missed, and with a selection of luxury hotels on hand to stay in, there’s no time like the present to investigate the treasures of Turkey’s favourite city destination.

Appreciate the Old City

Most visitors naturally gravitate towards the Old City at first, and it’s a beautiful, mysterious place to begin any tour of Istanbul. Stand in awe of the amazing architecture; the legacy of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Take your camera and capture the beauty of some of the mosques that populate the Old City, and make sure you stay long enough to drink in all of the attractions of the grand historical peninsula.

Explore a modern European City of Culture

Culture isn’t restricted to ancient monuments and castles of course, and there’s a reason that Istanbul was declared 2010 European City of Culture that transcends the old minarets and mosques. Anyone who enjoys a lively nightlife will lap up the social scene in Istanbul, and the emerging arts scene in the city gives it a certain flair that marks the city out as up and coming. The city has a friendly atmosphere and along with the arts and nightlife, there is a fantastic café culture complete with the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar, which must be experienced to be believed. Immerse yourself in the sights and smells of an authentic Turkish bazaar and enjoy the banter as you pick up a few bargains.

Cruise along the Bosphorus

A visit to Istanbul isn’t complete without a Bosphorus cruise, so spoil yourself with a lazy boat ride and soak up the beautiful views and gorgeously scenic waterfront villages.

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