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Holidays to Athens, the culture capital of Greece

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Enjoy luxury holidays to Athens with Voyage Prive and discover one of the world's oldest cities, steeped in culture, ancient buildings and fabulous Greek cuisine. Book online today.

Visit the Acropolis and see the Parthenon

You can't go to Athens and not visit these iconic historical Greek landmarks. The Parthenon epitomises the glory of Ancient Greece and the Acropolis signifies one of the most important historical sites in all of the western world. Its sanctuaries and monuments of beautiful white marble gleam in the daily sunshine and, as night falls, they transform into a honey hue and illuminate the city. Their beauty will ignite your soul.

Head to the beach

If you want to relax after a day of sightseeing, there's no better place than a trip to the seaside. Athens' hot weather will make you want to escape to the water. There is a tram that runs to the beach from Syntagma Square. It runs past old churches and ancient squares, narrow streets and beautiful views, to the resort of Glyfada. Here you can wander around the fish docks and find a spot to eat at one of the many restaurants, try a local seafood restaurant for fresh catches of the day.

Visit the famous Monastiraki Flea Market

This flea market will have just about anything you can think of. There will be many shops laced with icons painted by monks from Mount Athos around Greece or local artists' drawings and paintings. It's a feast for your eyes, as well as a perfect shopping trip.

Relax at the National Gardens

The National Gardens of Athens is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax surrounded by green scenery. You can spend hours and hours wandering around shaded pathways accompanied by beautiful flowers, trees and wildlife, and there are also two duck ponds, perfect for sitting by while reading a book or enjoying a picnic.

If you want to experience a city steeped in ancient histories and fantastic food, combined with luxury hotels with the backdrop of perfect views, there's no better place to start your holiday than with us. We choose each and every one of luxury holidays to Athens with your needs in mind every step of the way. Sign up now for exclusive prices and deals for holidays to Athens and begin a magical trip away to the ancient capital of Greece.

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