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Discover where to stay in Pisa, the city of the leaning tower

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Discover where to stay in Pisa and immerse yourself in the hidden secrets of one of Italy's liveliest cities; book luxurious accommodation at Voyage Prive.

Discover the hidden secrets of one of Italy's liveliest cities

Anyone who really knows Pisa will tell you it's one of Italy's best-kept secrets. But how can that be? After all, the city's leaning tower is a global icon. The truth is, most tourists come to Pisa for just a few hours. They check out the famous “Square of Miracles” - and then they leave. And that's good news for anyone planning to spend some time in Pisa. Because the city is full of delights most tourists never discover.

Pisa has a long history of learning - Galileo, after all, was born here - and it still boasts one of Italy's most prestigious universities. The city has many fine medieval buildings, but the lanes that weave among them are crowded with students, who pack pavement tables outside eateries offering a great range of surprisingly affordable food.

Sophistication and charm

Of course, the heart of Pisa is that miraculous central square. The legendary leaning tower, actually the bell tower of the nearby cathedral, really is a breathtaking sight everyone must see before they die. Around the square is all the sophistication you'd expect from a prosperous Italian city - the designer stores and first class restaurants serve Tuscan specialities, including superb freshwater and sea fish, as well as the excellent local wines. And remember our handpicked offers in Pisa: a selection of luxury hotels offering you class and comfort at exceptional prices.

Try wandering a little further afield

One of the great things about Pisa is its superb transport network. The airport is close to the city centre, and Pisa really is a viable base to explore much of Tuscany. The gorgeous little historic town of Luca is nearby, and Florence is less than 50 minutes away by train.

Alternatively, you can take the train north to the magical Cinque Terre. This chain of seashore villages, an hour’s train ride north of Pisa, cling, quite literally, to the cliffs above the Mediterranean. You can wander the hillside trail between them, but they're all connected by the local train. The seafood is great, the local, affordable white wines accompany the fish perfectly - and the westerly views are fantastic.

Pisa can be enjoyed for its hidden delights or for the many splendours on its doorstep. Let us offer you luxurious insights into this enchanting Tuscan city – at prices we think will enchant you, too.

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