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Nature and history: it's all about Crete holidays

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Enjoy luxury holidays to Crete to discover the history of European civilisation and the beauty of this island idyll. Join us and get booking today.

Steeped in wondrous mythology

The beauty of Crete is surpassed only by the richness of its history and luxury holidays to Crete allow you to explore a bygone age. Steeped in half-remembered tales from Greek mythology, the largest of the Greek islands is well-known for its links to European history. On this island are the ruins of the Palace of Knossos, which stood in what is generally regarded as the oldest city in Europe. Knossos is most closely associated with the myth of King Minos, who was supposed to have ruled the city, the Minotaur, Minos’ own son, who lived in the labyrinth, and the hero Theseus, a prince from Athens, who slayed the beast with the help of his lady love Ariadne. The ruins of the Palace of Knossos include the Great Palace and the Little Palace, as well as the Royal Villa and the House of the High Priest. It is the top attraction for anyone visiting Crete: with our exclusive getaways, you're bound to become immersed in its fascinating past.

Beyond Knossos

Knossos is not the only ancient experience that Crete has to offer. The Heraklion Archaeological Museum and the Historical Museum of Crete feature extensive collections of artwork, sculptures and archaeological finds from the Byzantine era and the Ottoman era among others. Temporary exhibitions also feature the work of well-known local artists. Those looking for history a bit close to nature might opt for the Samarian Gorge. The Gorge of Samaria, inextricably linked to Crete’s history, is a national park and visitors can brave the arduous 5 to 7 hour walk on rough terrain or explore some of the park’s natural beauty.

A culinary marvel

For the gourmand, Crete, like the rest of Greece, is a dream come true. Drawing on traditional Greek and Mediterranean flavours, Cretan cuisine offers new experiences and familiar tastes. From the Cretan cheese pies known as Kaltsounia to fried snails and lamb with stamnagathi, a local wild green, the food of Crete deliciously tempting. And of course, it should all be rounded off with a nice glass or two of Cretan brandy, which is known as Raki or Tsikoudia.

Whether you venture to Crete for its stunning natural beauty, mountainous terrain and beaches, or to explore the historical and mythological sites of old, our exclusive range of hotel offers give you the best deal for your needs at the most luxurious standards.

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